A woman with painted nails holding a small bottle of coffee essential oil. Photo Credit: Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash.

How to Use Coffee Oil for Your Skin, Hair, Allergies and More

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Coffee is the best part of everyone’s day, but coffee can do more than just kick-start your morning. You heard that right—there’s one more reason to love coffee.

You’re probably already aware of the benefits you get from oils such as jojoba, almond and coconut, but coffee oil deserves just as much attention. Coffee oil has a ton of benefits for your skin, hair, allergies and overall health. It’s the elixir of life, after all.

What is Coffee Oil?  

Coffee oil is extracted from the coffee bean through a cold-pressed distillation process. This oil smells exactly like a fresh cup of joe and has many powerful benefits that can help with skin, hair, allergies, health and mood. It’ll make you want to run out and buy this oil by the bucket! If you’re a health junkie, you’ve likely already hopped on the coffee essential oil bandwagon and are fully soaking up all the perks. If you’re a newbie to coffee oil, let’s get you up to speed on all the health benefits of coffee oil. 

What are the Benefits of Coffee Essential Oil? 

1. Coffee oil reduces cellulite

Coffee oil is cellulite’s worst nightmare. When it’s applied topically, it helps tighten the skin and provides powerful antioxidants to reduce the appearance of cellulite over time. 

2. Coffee oil promotes anti-aging 

Coffee oil is a powerful moisturizer that is packed with fatty acids that protect the skin’s natural barrier. This helps repair damaged skin barriers and prevents the breakdown of collagen in the skin.  

3. Coffee oil stimulates hair growth 

Coffee oil not only smells amazing but can also help the health of your hair. It promotes hair growth by increasing scalp stimulation. It also prevents moisture loss and split ends. 

4. Coffee oil helps relieve allergies  

The active compounds found in coffee oil help reduce the body’s natural response to allergies. This ultimately minimizes the strain on your immune system when you’re experiencing an allergic reaction.  

5. Coffee oil reduces stress and anxiety  

Coffee oil has many relaxation properties that can help alleviate stress and anxiety. Coffee oil can be used in an essential oil diffuser, which releases the coffee oil into the air and provides a rich and warm aroma that will transform your space into the ultimate zen den.

6. Coffee oil decreases inflammation  

Coffee essential oil is great for sore muscles and aching joints. Applying just a small amount to the affected area can help loosen the muscles and increase blood flow to speed up healing and relief. 

Coffee, coffee, coffee—what a wonderful thing. It kicks ass across the entire board. Coffee helps you wake up, keeps you going through the midday slump and yes, it can even help your skin, hair and overall health. Who knew a little bean could make such a big impact on our lives?  

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