How To Grow a Coffee Plant at Home

By Megan Dority — / Lifestyle

A plant with benefits

Little known fact: the same plant that yields berries with delicious coffee beans inside is also a great houseplant. You could have your own coffee plant indoors and with relatively little maintenance!

Coffee plant sprouts budding up from the soil.

Widely considered one of the most resilient plants, it is perfect for beginners and experienced green thumbs. The coffee plant is an evergreen and doesn't shed its leaves so it will look awesome in your home all year round. 

Coffee plants, while easy to maintain, require some TLC to get them to your desired height and health. You can find seedlings in stores like Safeway or Wholefoods or even online. Once you purchase seedlings they usually come in a group of 4 to 6 plants about 4 inches tall.

1. Separate the seedlings

  • Leave them in a bowl of warm water overnight 
  • The next day, separate them each into their own 4-inch pot

2. Begin growing process

  • Keep them in indirect sunlight, so they can be placed in your home near a window.
  • Water the plant and keep the soil moist, but not drowning. You can use organic potting soil to start out and make sure your pot has good drainage.

3. Repot plant when it's big enough

When your plant reaches 8 inches, repot it into a larger pot. Repot again once more when it reaches 24 inches, which should take place about a year after you start growing your plant.  

How long will it take for my coffee plant to flower?

With enough care, watering, repotting and the right indoor conditions, your plant could reach a height of six feet! This will take anywhere between 3 to 5 years, but at that time it could start to flower, and those flowers will eventually pollinate and become a fruit - the coffee cherry that yields the bean inside.

How many coffee plants do I need to grow my own coffee?

A single indoor coffee plant probably won't yield enough for you to brew a whole pot of coffee, but who knows - maybe you are a master gardener and homegrown coffee will be yours!

Tips for growing your own coffee plant

The plant itself is a pretty sight in any home and is a joy to take care of and maintain. Mike Brown, CEO, and Owner of Death Wish Coffee Company has had a coffee plant in his home for a few years now and enjoys it every day.

"You have to make sure to keep it watered regularly, and be careful it doesn't get too much sun, just enough," Mike says. "Mine has never flowered, but that is probably because I could put it in a bigger pot to allow it to grow more, but I like it the way it is."


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