Can Coffee Actually Help Your Mental Health?

By Kristen Underwood — / Lifestyle

This thing called life tends to move at such a rapid pace that it seems to pass us by before we even get the chance to revel in it. The best thing you can do when life speeds up is to slow yourself down. I like to think of it as rebelling against the hectic everyday lifestyle and living in the freaking moment. What’s my secret? Coffee. And let me tell you, when everything else seems to be falling apart, it is the one thing that holds me together. You might be thinking, how can one simple beverage hold your entire sanity? I’ll tell you how. Grab a cup and read on.


Coffee Increases Social Interaction

With my never-ending busy schedule, it becomes really hard to stay in touch with my friends. After a long day of work, I’m usually ready to throw on the biggest sweatshirt I have, throw my hair on top of my head, dive into an episode of The Office and call it a night. Plans after work? What’s that? Coffee gives me the perfect excuse to throw in some much-needed friend time. Coffee shops are typically mood-lit and great for a little catch-up session. The best part? You won’t be waking up hungover after a get together for some drinks at the bar!


Coffee Is Good for You

What does red wine, dark chocolate, sex and sunshine all have in common? They’re all good for you! And while we’re at it, let’s add coffee to that list. Knowing that what I’m consuming is helping my health makes me enjoy it quite a bit more. Here are just a few ways coffee is good for you:

- Coffee is full of antioxidants which help to prevent LDL cholesterol from oxidizing and causing heart disease.

- Coffee helps burn fat while exercising, aiding in weight loss. It also enhances performance!

- Coffee can help prevent/stop headaches. Halleluiah! As someone who often gets migraines, the caffeine I consume through my daily cup is a heaven sent for me.

Memory Boost

It’s simple really. Human memory sucks. It’s complicated and unreliable. More often than not, even the things we think we remember have gotten twisted along the way. If I had to retain all the information I gather in a day without coffee, I would lose my damn mind. Drinking one single cup of coffee has been proven to help your memory. Drink up!


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