How does coffee affect your kidneys?

How does coffee affect your kidneys?

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Does Coffee Affect Kidney Health?

You've read all of the health benefits of black coffee and how it can help you lose weight, how coffee grounds are good for your skin and that it can even help you live longer. But what about inside your body? There have been articles stating that coffee can be bad for you, especially your kidneys, and we're here to challenge that theory.

Facts have shown that drinking around 3-4 cups of coffee a day can actually help your kidneys and does not lead to kidney disease. Additionally, a study suggests that caffeine can help people with chronic kidney disease live longer.

Caffeine increases your heart rate and expands your blood vessel diameter, and it regulates blood flow throughout your body. As a result of the increase in blood flow, the toxins and metabolites are filtered out of your blood through your kidneys faster.

Overall, caffeine can only help your kidneys do their job a little faster than normal.

As always, if you're concerned about how coffee can affect your health, talk to your doctor! 

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