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Top Breakfast Foods to Eat with Coffee

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The Breakfast Pairings You Need for Strong Coffee

You might already know how certain breakfast foods pair well with coffee. Whether you eat toast for breakfast or scrambled eggs for dinner, you can always enjoy your meal with a bold, smooth brew.

Death Wish Coffee pairs beautifully with breakfast foods, early mornings, late nights and afternoons avoiding direct sunlight. If you’re too lazy to come up with your own breakfast food and coffee pairings, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some examples that might just make it worth getting out of bed in the morning.

A woman with a sleeve of tattoos frying eggs on a stovetop.

On the Sweet Side

Sweet stuff always goes really well with coffee.

A Butter Croissant

The natural sweetness of butter on a croissant is enhanced with every sip of Death Wish Coffee. You can enjoy the flaky croissant exterior or even dip your pastry into your coffee, giving you a mouthful of croissant and high caffeine coffee in one delicious bite. If your palate isn’t quite refined enough to catch the sweetness of a simple butter croissant, you could try a chocolate croissant.

Instant Death Cookies with a Twist

Have a bit of a sweet tooth? We feel you. We have a great recipe for some caffeinated cookies with Death Wish Instant Coffee—that's what we call baking with benefits. After all, it's never too early to have chocolate for breakfast.

What’s better than coffee with high caffeine? Cookies with high caffeine.

A female holding up two slices of bacon to her face.

The Savory Stuff for Strong Coffee

Be a little more careful with savory breakfasts. Not all of them play nicely with coffee.

Omelette au Fromage

AKA a cheese omelet (thank you, Dexter’s Laboratory). Cheese already gets paired with coffee in many different countries, and eggs are a savory breakfast staple that does pair well with coffee. The subtle sweetness of the cheese, combined with the flavorful and smooth Dark Roast or Medium Roast, is deserving of a chef’s kiss.

Toast with a Side of Bacon

The simple, salty breakfast of champions—toast with a side of bacon. Feel free to butter the toast and cook the bacon to your liking. No matter what you do, it’s sure to taste good with a cup of coffeeunless you burn everything. But really, only an oaf could mess this up.

A woman holding a bag of Medium Roast coffee next to a Chemex.

Something Light and Healthy

Because we had to.


Berries are more like a side than a real breakfast, but if you really like berries, then make it an all-you-can-eat berry breakfast. Berries pair well with most caffeine coffee varieties, but Death Wish Coffee Dark Roast or Medium Roast should be the first on your list.

Cottage Cheese with Honey

Cottage cheese isn’t for everyone, but you might be one of the weirdos who actually likes it. With a drizzle of fragrant honey and a mug of Medium Roast, it could be a rather lovely breakfast.

If you have enjoyed these breakfast ideas, hopefully you can try them one of these days instead of sleeping through your alarm…again.

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