4 different ways to brew iced coffee

4 different ways to brew iced coffee

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What Are the Different Ways To Brew Iced Coffee?

Doesn't it seem that more and more Instagram feeds are flooded with artsy photos of mouthwatering, refreshing coffee elixirs? Makes us drool as we aim to get our hands on each one every time our thumb hits the phone screen scrolling. But those photos might just get your mind running in circles of places your taste buds would rather be—drenched in iced coffee, of course. Don’t let these cravings haunt you! There are several ways to make iced coffee right in your own home. Let’s take a look at some of the different methods you can use. 

What Are the Different Ways I Can Brew Iced Coffee? 

1. Flash brewed coffee

This Japanese-style coffee is brewed in a Chemex just the same as hot coffee. The main difference? The ice, of course. To make flash brewed coffee, you change up the coffee-to-water ratio by replacing 1/3 or 1/2 of the water with ice. If you want to take a whack at it, try this recipe!

2. Cold brew coffee

If you’ve got patienceand you like strong coffeecold brew is the method for you. Need some help? Follow the best damn cold brew recipe out there and get ready for the caffeine ride of your life.

3. Coffee brewed hot, then left in the refrigerator overnight

Are you a diner coffee fan? Well, here it is, folks. Diner-style at its finest. Just brew your coffee using your favorite brewing method and toss it in the refrigerator overnight. Wake up and roll on into the diner. Hell, while you're at it, whip up something good to munch on with it! 

4. Instant cold brew coffee

If you want your iced coffee STAT, let me tell you how. Throw some strong instant coffee into a glass and mix with water. The ratio depends on how strong you’d like your end result to be. Do you want it to knock your socks off? More coffee, less water. Then add a little creamer if you wish to and SIP. Wasn’t that easy?

If you're looking for an even faster way to get your cold brew fix, grab some Death Wish Coffee Cold Brew. Unsweetened black cold brew and a slightly sweetened cold brew—trust us, you're gonna want to try both.

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