A chemex filled with ice and a flash brew coffee. Photo credit: Gerson Cifuentes via Unsplash.

How To Make Flash Brewed Coffee

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What Is Flash Brewed Coffee?

There's nothing like the taste of cold brew on a hot summer day—or all-year round. But what do you do when you're craving a cold brew coffee and you need it ASAP?

The only con of cold brew is how long it takes to make—steeping coffee for 24 hours in cold water isn't for the impatient and undercaffeinated. Luckily, for those who can't wait, there's an answer: flash brew coffee. Flash brewing is a method where you intentionally chill coffee as fast as possible to create a drink over ice—without sacrificing the flavors of the brew. 

Flash Brewed Coffee Recipe

Flash brewed coffee—also known as Japanese-style iced coffee—is brewed in a Chemex, just like hot coffee. The main difference? The ice, of course. To make flash brewed coffee, you change the water-to-coffee ratio by replacing 1/3 or 1/2 of the water amount with ice, adding it directly to your brewing device. The coffee is then poured over the ice, melting it, until the coffee is filtered into the Chemex and ready to be enjoyed immediately.

Equipment and Ingredients:

Flash Brewed Coffee Directions:

  1. Boil water and let cool.
  2. Load ice into the pour over brewer.
  3. Place filter over the top of the ice-filled carafe, making sure it fits tightly.
  4. Add ground coffee to the filter, just like you’re making hot coffee.
  5. Pour hot water on top of the ground coffee, just enough to saturate the coffee.
  6. Let the coffee bloom for 30-45 seconds.
  7. Continue to pour water in a circular motion to fill the filter about halfway. Continue filling with water to keep the ground coffee saturated.
  8. Once all the water has been added, stir and allow the filter to drain entirely.
  9. Remove filter and enjoy immediately!

Flash brewed coffee is quick and easy to make. It’s the perfect refreshing beverage for hot summer days or when you’re in a rush. The aroma is just as tasty as the more time-consuming cold brew—but can be brewed in a flash.  

[Featured Image Credit: Gerson Cifuentes via Unsplash]

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