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The best damn cold brew recipe out there


What is the best way to brew iced coffee? I'll tell you right now, it's not using leftover coffee and putting it in the refrigerator. What is leftover coffee, anyway? I'm not sure that there is such thing. 


Here's what you need, no frills:

  • Death Wish Coffee ground coarsely 
  • A mason jar
  • Coffee filter
  • Ice

The best things in life come in thirds

Fill your mason jar (or any container) a third of the way with coffee. The best thing about cold brew is that it is forgiving. Eyeball it, you're a risk taker. You've got this.


Grind it coarse

Grind it fresh. Grind it coarse. It is better that way. After all, preground coffee is too fine for this method. 

Give it some life

Add the water. Fresh, filtered water below 40 degrees should be used. 

Now shake it.

Shake it more. And more. 



Now we wait for 24 hours. Shake it every once in a while.  Now some more. Ok. 

Extract the goods

If you've made enough for one serving, put the filter directly over your ice filled mug. Pour the coffee slurry directly over the filter into the mug. A regular coffee filter should work, but a Chemex filter is better if you have it. 

Damn, that's good. 

There you have it, the most incredible, easy cold brew you'll ever make. If you made enough for more than just one, filter it over the container you will be storing it in. It stays fresh for days, but I wouldn't keep it over a week. We all know it won't last that long anyway. 

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