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A Lighter
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Bag of Coffee
A Historic Moment
We've spent the last nine months researching and developing the World's Strongest Medium Roast. Buy your bag today to be one of the first in the world to try it.
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We're making this coffee literally right now. After it's roasted, we'll be packing bags and getting it prepared to ship—giving you a fresh, delicious brew.
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You'll be the first try our new Medium Roast Blend. You'll be sipping on this new brew before the rest of the world gets to order on Feb. 12.
Medium Roast
A lighter note from
Death Wish Coffee
Medium Roast. Grown at higher altitudes for a complex flavor profile, this roast brews a cup as bold as you are.

A shade or two lighter than our OG blend, these beans contain the cult-classic caffeine levels to function, in the unfortunate circumstance of being awake.

What the taste testers
Are saying

"My husband who doesn't care much for coffee can't stop drinking it. He loves it and so do I."
"It's the kind of coffee I could drink day in and day out and never get tired of."
"The taste is a lot better with more caffeine to boot. Release it soon!"
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