Medium Roast Death Cups

Medium Roast Death Cups


A Lighter Shade of Bold

A shade or two lighter than our original blend, these single-serve coffee pods contain our cult-classic levels of caffeine with a complex new flavor profile. This balanced blend was grown at high altitudes for hints of caramel and roasted peanuts, notes of stone fruit and smooth dark chocolate to finish. Smooth as the day is long, our Medium Roast provides that boost you need to push through early mornings and late nights while fueling your passions along the way. Just pop it in your K-cup compatible coffee maker, fuel up, and go.


  • Death Wish Coffee Medium Roast is made from Arabica and Robusta coffee beans sourced from Ethiopia, India and Peru  
  • USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade to ensure you’re getting the highest-quality beans available 
  • Low in acidity without removing strength or flavor 
  • 100% natural—we use no artificial additives or ingredients, so you know exactly what’s in each cup of coffee—just strong, high-quality coffee beans 
  • Compatible with Keurig 1.0, Kuerig 2.0, Breville, Cuisinart, and Mr. Coffee
  • Each cup contains 12 grams of coffee
  • Rigid capsule design gives you a bolder, smoother cup —and they're recyclable
  • Each box comes equipped with easy disposal instructions


  • 10-count box
  • 2 10-count box (20 total)
  • 5 10-count box (50 total)
  • Subscription options coming soon for this product


We have a no BS, risk-free guarantee. If this isn't the strongest coffee you've had, let us know and we’ll make it right. 


Death Wish Coffee Company was born in 2012 when founder Mike Brown brought a passion for strong, delicious coffee to Saratoga Springs, NY. Mike saw an opportunity to serve the community with a small coffee shop—one that served bold coffee to fuel people’s busiest days. He searched far and wide for the world’s best beans, perfected a unique roasting technique and the World’s Strongest Coffee was born—always Fair Trade + USDA Certified Organic. 


What are the benefits of a rigid capsule single-serve pods?

Death Cups are packed in rigid capsules to give you a bolder, smoother cup from your coffee machine. After months of testing, we found that 95% of Death Wish drinkers preferred the rigid capsules because it produced a stronger, bolder taste. The rigid capsule and lids are recyclable, while the mesh insert and coffee grinds can be added right to your compost pile.

What machines are Death Cups compatible with?

Our Death Cups are compatible with Keurig 1.0, Keurig 2.0, Breville, Cuisinart, and Mr. Coffee.

How many calories are in Death Wish Coffee? What are other nutrition facts? 

There are zero calories in Death Wish Coffee. Because our Death Wish Coffee and Valhalla Java blends are USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade with no additives or ingredients beyond organic coffee beans, our coffee has only about 1 calorie per cup, no carbs, protein or fiber.  

What’s the difference between the Medium Roast and your other blends?  

This Medium Roast coffee is our first ever—and only true—Medium Roast. The beans are roasted lighter than both our Valhalla Blend and our Original Death Wish Blend. Without compromising on flavor, our Medium Roast tastes lighter but is just as caffeinated as our original roast.

How much stronger is Death Wish Medium Roast Coffee versus other coffee? 

On average, all Death Wish Coffee is double the strength of your average cup.  

Each Death Cup is packed with the perfect ratio of high caffeine and unparalleled flavor.