6 Foods That Were Made For Coffee

By Abdullah Wali — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

As you know, coffee by itself is amazing. However, coffee paired with food, even better. And while our position is that coffee is good with anything, there are a few menu items that are a perfect match. Below are five foods that are coffee's perfect match. 



Donuts and coffee are a classic combination that everyone understands. Are you a dipper? Are you a bite and sipper? There's no right way. 



Bacon and Eggs:

The perfect Sunday morning= bacon, eggs and coffee.


The mark of a well-balanced human: someone who eats cereal and coffee every morning. 



Picture this: you just ate dinner and now all you want is something sweet. Then, someone presents you with a big slice of cake and a hot cup of coffee. You've just won. 



For those among us that can't stomach anything other than a banana for breakfast, the fruit and coffee combo is the perfect match. 



Is there anything like sitting at a diner, drinking an endless cup of coffee and eating delicious buttered toast?



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