Pouring mixed ingredients into a martini glass.

Toasted Coconut Caramaul Martini Recipe

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Season's greetings from your new favorite cocktail.

This drink is a dessert in a cup and will make getting through the holiday season that much easier. Whether you're hosting a rocking party or simply looking to treat yourself after a long day of spreading holiday cheer, this decadent drink will make the season of in-laws suck that much less.


- 1.5 oz crème de cocoa

1.5 oz vodka

    1 oz Death Wish Coffee Toasted Coconut Caramaul

    2 oz cream of coconut

    1 oz caramel sauce

    Chocolate drizzle for glass – optional

    Whipped cream – optional

    Toasted coconut – optional


      1. Drizzle chocolate syrup into glass (optional). Place glass into freezer to chill while you prepare the rest of the drink.

      2. In a shaker, combine the ingredients. Take a whisk or frother to make sure that all the sauces are broken down and all of the ingredients are combined.

      3. Add ice to the shaker. Shake it like you mean it, or until it gets too cold to hold. Pour into chilled glass.

      4. If you’re feeling real fancy, top with whipped cream and toasted coconut. 

      Although this time of year may be stressful, and the to-do lists can seem never ending, this festive cocktail promises to cheer up even the biggest of scrooges.

      Try out the brand-new Coconut Caramaul today and laugh in the face of all the festive naysayers.

      [Featured Image Credit: Kike Salazar N via Unsplash]

      Coconut Caramaul Flavored Death Wish Coffee