A letter from Death Wish Coffee Owner and Founder, Mike Brown

By Michael Brown — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Dear Friends and Family of Death Wish Coffee,

Thanks for being the best supporters a company could have. The community that has formed around Death Wish Coffee is unlike anything I've ever seen before. I still can't believe that together, we were able to beat out every small business in the country to win a Super Bowl commercial because of your strength and support. We're so grateful for this and never take for granted what you did for us.

If anyone isn't on the Death Wish Coffee Official Fan page on Facebook, you should join it. They are an amazing group of people who are so accepting of others, they're so much fun, and they have your back all the time. The fan page is also an excellent way to stay in the loop on a lot of what's going on in Death Wish Coffee and notify us of any issues that pop up. We do not run this page, but we do talk with the moderators regularly, contribute from time to time, and read posts consistently.

I don't love that they're called "fan" pages. Can we change these to Death Wish "Community" pages? I feel that the staff here at Death Wish Coffee (John, Eric, Kane, Teah, Thomas, Sierra, Cait, Dave, Dustin, Wayne, Anthony, Jackie, and myself) are more a fan of you all than you are of us. We spend half our day talking about and talking with a lot of you. Every so often you guys stop into the warehouse and visit us, and it makes our day. We follow you all on social media and are amazed at all of your successes and creativity. You guys are amazing.

I just found out recently that some of our old Deneen Pottery mugs were going for hundreds of dollars on E-bay. Holy shit, I wish I saved some of these. I was telling Peter, the head potter at Deneen, the other day how we had a whole rack of them destroyed when a shelf fell over when we were celebrating one afternoon. Ugh

 Anyways, I'm very flattered that you all love these mugs. We are going to keep doing them few times a year. They're made in America by Deneen Pottery, a family business located in St. Paul Minnesota that consistently amazes us with their quality and ingenuity. Unfortunately, since they're also a small business with limitations on their production capacity, we will not be increasing the produced quantity of our mugs in the future. We will most likely not do more than 5,000 of a particular mug. The next release we have will have less than 3,500 available. The best way to make sure you get these is to join our mailing list and add us as a trusted sender in your e-mail program. This way we won't be flagged as spam, and you can get notified as soon as the mugs are available. About half of our mug releases sell out the day they are released.  Also, we usually start throwing pictures up of our next mug on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram a few weeks before the release date.

One question I've been getting asked frequently is.

 "What has happened since the Super Bowl commercial?"

Since the ad went live on Super Bowl Sunday and millions were exposed to Death Wish coffee for the first time we have been hustling and growing. We have invested in new equipment, increased our production floor and hired new team members. We have doubled the size of our customer base and revamped our inventory and customer service systems to accommodate. We moved into over 100 grocery stores in our local area of upstate NY, and we are working hard on launching a program where your local coffee shop can carry and serve Death Wish Coffee on a regular basis.

Our number one value here at Death Wish Coffee is your satisfaction and to do this, we must continually get better at serving you and listen to your needs and wants. Keep us informed through e-mail and social media, by phone, or stop by if there is any way you think we can improve. We listen and are small enough to take action quickly if there is ever an issue.

Thanks again and have a great week,

Michael Brown


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