No tea for this Brit: Meet Timmy Medley, a community member from Leicester, England

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Timmy Medley first found Death Wish Coffee like many others — a simple search on Google for "the world's strongest coffee." The rest of the story is history.

Timmy is from Leicester, England, and while his friends sip on tea druing Leicester FC games, you'll find Timmy with his Klean Kanteen in hand, sipping on Death Wish. 

Without our dedicated community, Death Wish Coffee wouldn't be where it is today. That's why we want to introduce you to the people who sip on the world's strongest coffee every day. 

Learn more about Timmy below. 

You’re from the United Kingdom, a whole 3,289 miles away from our headquarters. So how did you first hear about Death Wish Coffee Company? 

Sting once sang “I don’t drink coffee I take tea, my dear!” Well not me, Sting, my dear. One simply does not drink tea. I’m a coffee fanatic, a rare, yet fine example of a Brit who refuses to drink his nation’s favorite brew, a caffeinated rebel and proud of it. No seriously, I just love coffee, the stronger the better. I like quality coffees with smooth, bold flavors and if the caffeine content happens to be off the scale, then I want it and “By Jove, I’m jolly well going to get it."

Around October 2013, I was off work, very depressed and wanted something to cheer me up. Like many before me, I just Googled “The world’s strongest coffee” and boom! There they were, the cheerily named Death Wish Coffee Company, ticking all my boxes. They produce strong coffee with skulls, vikings, and shit, which sounded like hard-core rock and roll to my taste buds. It really was love at first sip and I’ve been hooked ever since. Not only drinking the coffee, but in supporting you guys, too. It’s been an amazing journey for you in recent years and I could not be prouder to see those meteoric achievements made. Only last year Mike, Teah, Kane, John, and Eric visited London and were privileged to hook up with this modest Englishman… No really, It was such a cool honor for me to meet these genuine, friendly, and full-on fun guys. Just next time bring some swag over!

How do you brew and how do you take your coffee? 

My preferred brewing method is the Cafetière, a posh foreign word we use this side of the pond here for French Press. I like the manual processes to be part of whole brewing experience, from grinding the beans to slowly watching them bloom, then draw in the aroma while eagerly anticipating all that caffeinated goodness to come. There is something quite satisfying about it all. I also enjoy the Aeropress method which is equally as great for me. Maybe I just like pushing down plungers like an old fashioned TNT detonator… BOOM!

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I’m a big football, or as you may say over there “soccer” fan. My team is Leicester City FC who I get to watch most home games, my trusty Death Wish Klean Kanteen riding shotgun to save the agony of some performances. My soft, tea-drinking pals chant “One Timmy Death Wish,” ”There’s only one Timmy Death Wish,” to the tune of Guantanamera when I arrive.

My music choice is punk and metal. I’m an old punk rocker at heart, so going to see live and loud bands play is always a joy. Many moons ago, a young teenage Timmy was one of the first to buy the Sex Pistol’s “Never mind the Bollocks” album. I remember my parents being extremely disappointed in me. Happy days!

And of course, it goes without saying, but I will say it anyway. I love collecting Death Wish Coffee merchandise and mugs. My first ever item was the OG mug back in April 2014 and since then have managed to amass nearly a full set. There are some awesome Death Wish friends that I have met on social media, who have helped me no end. Some mugs have been gifted and some traded, each one has a special story, though it is the friendships that mean a lot more. For now, only my white whale, the creamy VJ, will make me feel complete.

What would you like to see from Death Wish? 

Death Wish Coffee has done an awesome job with so much stuff, I can’t really think of anything. Coffee wise, the Whiskey Barrel Brand coffee is always a treat, so maybe some more of that. I like how you produce small batches every now and then. Maybe a golden ticket could arrive in the UK one day? I feel so excited for others when they win cool stuff, probably more than if it were me. Well kind of….

I do like hot chilli, but I’m not sure how that would fit in.

What’s your favorite part about the Death Wish Community? 

Being able to connect with so many cool and crazy people, read their posts and have fun. They are a positive distraction from all the crap that is going off around us today. Many different personalities from all different walks of life and different life experiences have bonded through one thing in common, Death Wish Coffee. I like that a lot. I also help admin the group page and have contributed to the mayhem with silly memes and kick ass videos.

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