Burned your mouth on coffee? Here's the fix.

By Kristen Underwood — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

I burned my tongue with hot coffee.

All in favor of throwing patience to the side in favor of your freshly-brewed cuppa’ morning Joe, say “I”.  If you said “I”, you can join me on the I just burned the shit out of my tongue list. I knew it was a bad idea, you knew it was a bad idea, too. Unfortunately, consuming that first sip of sanity was too enticing to put aside. Throw in a little foggy judgment pre-caffeine and you’ve got yourself a week-long fling with a stubborn one-morning stand. The lesson to be had here: Don’t let the same flame burn you twice. Now let’s take a look at some easy burning sensation remedies to get you through these hard times.

Lucky for you, there are some home treatments to speed up the healing process.

 1. Eat cool, creamy foods

Bring on the ice cream. This is a tough one to argue! Cool, creamy foods are your new best friend. Just don’t over-do it, people. Or do, whatever. Live a little.

 2. Rinse with cold water.

For better relief, hold the cold water in your mouth for a few minutes to help soothe the burn. It may seem reasonable to pop an ice cube or two in your mouth, but come on. We’ve all seen A Christmas Story. That flagpole didn’t adhere to Flick’s tongue because it liked it. 

 3. Rinse with salt water.

Salt is antiseptic and will help to clean and disinfect the burned area. I know it doesn’t taste that great, but don’t be salty about it. You’ll thank me later.

 4. Use honey

Honey is a natural antiseptic that will also deliver soothing results as it develops a coating over the area. 

5. Coat with milk

Got milk? Here’s an excuse to use it before it goes bad this time around. Rinsing with cold milk will also provide relief as it forms a coating over the affected area.


Bottom line: If lingering over your coffee creates condensation on your lenses or skin, it’s too hot for you, bro.

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