How To Sew A Patch Onto Denim

How To Sew A Patch Onto Denim

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Denim jackets are coming, so there is a skill set that should be applied to their new owners: sewing a patch. While we're already giving away three original iron-on styles with your purchase of the custom jacket, you might have some old sew-on patches and pins that you want to add. Here's the best method for sewing a patch onto your new denim jacket: 

1. Choose your thread

Depending on the color of the patch, you will want to choose a color that is either the same as the trim or darker. You will see the thread on the patch slightly. 

2. Place the patch and pin it 

Once you find the perfect spot to sew on your patch, lay the jacket flat and take 3-4 pins to the inside of the trim to keep it in place. 

3. Thread the needle 

Cut a 15 to 18-inch piece of thread off the spool. Take one end of the thread and string it through the eye of the needle. Once through, pull about 1.5 inches and tie a knot so it won't slip back through. 

4. Begin to sew 

Start by threading the needle through the outside trim of the patch from the backside of your jacket. From there, sew the patch using a straight stitch close to the edge, going over the top in a loop. For a tighter hold, keep the stitch closer. 

5. Tie off the thread

When you get all the way around the patch, pull the needle to the inside of the jacket. Tie a tight knot in the thread that is thick enough to not pull through. Take a pair of scissors and cut off the excess string. 

6. Wear proudly

This one is pretty self-explanatory ;).