5 Coffee Photos To Get You Through Monday

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Coffee is more than just a beverage, coffee is a lifestyle; a feeling, a place to be within yourself. When we’re not drinking it, we’re looking at photos of it. When we’re not brewing it, we’re lighting coffee-scented candles to replace the aroma. When we’re not buying it for ourselves, we’re buying it as gifts. Some may say we’re addicted, but we tend to see it as coffee being arguably addicted to us. Here are a few intriguing coffee photos to help get you through the day.


This one might actually make you mad because there's no room to waste that much coffee on a Monday. However, it's still an amazing photo.  


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Maybe we're biased but look at all that delicious, strong black coffee. 



There is something oddly satisfying at a coffee cup in neon.   


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An adorable baby in a coffee cup. Need we say more?   



Okay fine, as a book nerd this is all I wanted to see to get my week started. 


What was the last 5🌟 (stars) book you read? Only the best here! Suggestions will help me compile a list of choices for the next read of our Goodreads Buddy Reading Club! 📚 How are you on this fine Monday? Yes, I actually had a good Monday for once. I guess the end of the world is coming soon so rejoice! 📚 But concerning the pic at hand, please appreciate the fact that I made 3 different types of coffee and they are all perfection. I love making coffee and I am pretty good at it, no modesty required here. So if we ever meet, would you want me to prepare you some?😁 📚 And the beautiful booksleeves are all from @bookimabob and gosh, I love them! There are also some Black Friday special prices so go get them while they're hot! 📚 📚 📚 

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