Coffee beans scattered across a wooden stained table. Photo credit: Joris Molenaar via Unsplash.

DIY: Stain Wood with Coffee in 4 Steps

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Can I Use Coffee to Stain Wood?

In addition to awakening our souls and getting us ready to take on the day, we all know there are a ton of other uses for coffee. One of the more recent things we've stumbled upon is staining wood with coffee—if coffee can stain your teeth, it sure as hell can stain wood.

So instead of heading to the hardware store, head to your pantry and grab a bag of coffee. When embarking on this mission, it’s important to note that different types of wood will absorb the coffee differently, resulting in different shades. For best results, use oak, ash, chestnut or pine (for light stains only).

A latte in a black mug sitting on a wooden table that was recently stained using coffee.[Photo Credit: Hanny Naibaho via Unsplash]

How To Stain Wood With Coffee

Coffee makes a great stain for wood, and it’s natural and super easy to apply. Who would’ve thought that it just takes a pot of coffee to refurbish that beautiful antique dresser that’s been hanging out in the basement for a decade. Rather than buying a traditional wood stain, use coffee—it’s a great natural alternative to use when sprucing up your wooden furniture in just 4 easy steps. But first, here’s what you’ll need to get started.

What You Need To Stain Wood With Coffee:

  • 1 bag of Death Wish Coffee grounds
  • Coffee maker and water
  • Sandpaper
  • Towel, rag or paintbrush
  • Whatever piece of wood you want to stain

4 Easy Steps to Stain Wood with Coffee

Step 1: Brew the coffee and let it cool.

Brew an entire pot of coffee according to how dark you want your stained wood to be. The stronger the coffee, the darker the stain. Put the coffee aside and let it cool. (This takes about half an hour or so.) After it's cooled, pour the coffee into the container you wish to use for the project. A large plastic container will do. (Note: You may need to brew more coffee, depending on what you want to stain.)

Step 2: Sand the wood.

While your coffee is cooling, sand the wood you plan on staining. This is especially important if the wood you're using previously had another stain or paint on it. Make sure you remove the dust so it doesn't clump or get stuck to the wood. Use a coarse sandpaper followed by a fine sandpaper for the best results. 

Step 3: Apply the coffee to the wood and start staining!

Dip a sponge, rag, paintbrush, steel wool or cloth into the coffee and cover all parts of the wood to apply the stain. Make sure to complete this step in even layers so the stain on the surface of the wood doesn't become uneven. 

Step 4: Allow the wood to set.

After the wood is completely covered, let it set for 15 minutes. If you desire a darker stain, wait 10 more minutes and repeat the above steps again. Once your desired color has been reached, wipe down the wood and let it dry completely.

Share your coffee-stained masterpiece with us on Instagram and tag us @deathwishcoffee. And if you're looking for strong coffee to sip during your project, we've got you covered

[Featured Image Credit: Joris Molenaar via Unsplash]

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