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How Many Pots Come From One Pound of Coffee?

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The Importance of the Brew Method

The short answer is...it depends. If you're trying to figure out exactly how far a pound will stretch you, it's highly dependent on how you're brewing your coffee. Automatic methods like a drip coffee maker will yield more cups per pound of coffee, but manual methods like using a French Press or making pour over coffee will produce a stronger cup. 

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How Many Pots of Coffee Come From One Pound of Coffee?

According to our brewing recommendations using a high coffee-to-water ratio, one pound of Death Wish Coffee will yield about 12 pots of strong, highly caffeinated coffee. Imagine the amount of coffee you get from our 5-pound bag

How Big Is a Pot of Coffee?

While some may think bigger is better, we always think stronger is better—and so do standard drip coffee makers. Many people assume the average cup of coffee is 8 ounces; however, most drip coffee makers use a 5-ounce cup as their standard. 

If you own a coffee maker that claims to make 12 cups, that means it's making about 60 ounces of coffee—and if you're drinking 8-ounce cups, that's less than 8 cups per pot. If you're rocking a tankard coffee mug that holds 12-16 ounces, that pot of coffee won't last as long. Size matters—but so does strength.

How Much Does One Cup of Coffee Cost?

High-quality coffee is always more affordable when you brew it at home rather than buying a cup at your local coffee shop. A pound of Death Wish Coffee is about $20.

What does that $20 get you? A bag of beans you can feel good about—always ethically sourced, Fair Trade Certified and 100% USDA Organic. Each time you buy a bag with the Fair Trade Certified seal, you're supporting the coffee growers and producers and helping them to earn a fair wage. This ultimately means a better future for the farmers and the planet. 

So, what's the price of one cup? If you're drinking out of one of our classic mugs (at least 12 ounces of coffee), you'll get 12 pots from your $20 bag of Death Wish Coffee. If you're drinking 8 cups of coffee per pot, that pot of coffee is costing you $1.66. Each cup will cost about 20 cents—not bad for a cup of premium coffee.

Wanna check my math?

  • $20 per one-pound bag ÷ 12 pots of coffee = $1.66
  • $1.66 per pot ÷ 8 cups = 20 cents per cup

How Long Does One Pound of Coffee Last?

It depends on how much you drink! Many Death Wish Coffee caffeinds report going through one pound of coffee in one to two weeks. Not willing to cut back on the liquid goodness? We don't blame you.

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Is There a Difference If I Buy Whole Bean or Ground Coffee?

Since coffee is sold by weight, there is no difference in the amount of coffee between whole bean or ground, but a whole bean bag will appear to be larger.

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