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The Return of Pumpkin Chai Coffee

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Natural Pumpkin Chai Coffee

Finally, the great pumpkin coffee Linus was really waiting for. Pumpkin Chai Coffee is back—and is available in ground and Death Cups. Not to mention, it’s also USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified. 

latte with a bag of coffee and pastries

How We Make Our Pumpkin Chai Coffee 

We knew going into this that there is a stigma associated with pumpkin spice coffee—and for a good reason. Since most companies use artificial pumpkin flavoring for their pumpkin coffee, we decided to do something different with this seasonal blend. 

Our inspiration for the pumpkin coffee was our homemade chai, a staple in the coffee shop that Death Wish Coffee was created in. Many request a Death Chai, or a typical "dirty chai,” using a shot of Death Wish Coffee for espresso. In our pumpkin, we use a combination of arabica and robusta beans.

Since many of the chai spices are similar to pumpkin spice, the opportunity to make such a unique pumpkin coffee couldn't be passed up. We pair our beans with a magical, chai-inspired blend of cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg, and roast them to perfection.  

There's nothing artificial about our coffee—just real, fresh ingredients that give it a true autumnal taste—without the chemicals you can’t pronounce.  

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USDA Organic and Fair Trade 

Just powerful, real coffee—no BS. We source only high-quality Fair Trade Certified and organic coffee beans. When you buy Fair Trade, you’re supporting the livelihood of coffee farms and taking a stand for equality and sustainability.  

Not Just for Sweater Weather 

If you like PSLs (pumpkin spice lattes), you’ll want to make these beans your main hang. Shop our Pumpkin Chai products today before they're gone for the season.