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5 Tips for Strong Coffee

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How do I Make Strong Coffee at Home?

Here at Death Wish Coffee, we'd like to think we know a thing or two about strong coffee. We're confident that we offer the strongest bean, but to make a strong cup, there are a few things to consider. While you will need the strongest beans to brew the strongest cup, they only account for about 25% of the process and are not necessarily always the most important part. To make that cup of strong coffee, we boiled it down to 5 variables.

A woman holding a bag of Medium Roast coffee in front of a Chemex.

1. Use strong coffee beans

When searching for the perfect coffee bean for a nice, strong cup, you'll find that Death Wish Coffee will likely suit your needs best. We use a perfect blend of arabica (for the great taste) and robusta (for the caffeine kick) to give you the best of both worlds. Death Wish Coffee is always Fair Trade and USDA Organic. 

A woman using a coffee grinder to grind whole beans.

2. Use fresh coffee

Fresh coffee will make a world of a difference in every dynamic of your brew. We believe it is the most important factor, and your taste buds will have to agree. We always recommend buying whole bean coffee and grinding it yourself right before brewing a cup (and who doesn't love the smell of freshly ground beans?). Of course, it has a huge impact on the strength as well, and that's why freshness made it to No. 2 on our list. Always store your coffee in a completely air-tight container, and try to use it within two weeks. 

A bag of Death Wish Coffee next to a drip coffee maker and airtight coffee storage container.

3. Grind the coffee yourself

Buying whole bean coffee opens many doors to strong coffee because you can grind it as coarse or as fine as you like. We prefer a finer-than-usual grind to ensure maximum flavor. The finer the grind, the more flavor, but this doesn't always work for a brew method that doesn't catch fine pieces, such as a French press. We like to go as fine as the method allows, and we don't mind a little coffee silt at the bottom of our cups! 

[Photo Credit: Ashkan Forouzani via Unsplash]

4. Use proper brewing ratios

The higher the coffee-to-water ratio is, the stronger your coffee will be. We recommend using 2.5 tablespoons of grinds to every 6 ounces of water—it packs a mean punch. Everyone likes it a little different, though, so experiment and find what suits you best. 

A man using a silver French Press to make the World's Strongest Coffee.

5. Learn your brewing methods

There are hundreds of brewers and contraptions to brew coffee, each with their own set of variables. Short of drinking espresso straight, you'll learn that to get the strongest cup of coffee, you'll have to use some experimentation. Channel your inner barista and see which brewing method is right for you.   

When it comes down to it, coffee depends on preference. How do you brew your coffee?