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6-Cup Chemex Pour-Over Coffee-Maker With Filters



Simple function and visual elegance combine for the optimum extraction of rich, full-bodied coffee. The Chemex Classic Series coffeemaker is both elegant and versatile.

  • Manual brewing means 100% control over what your coffee tastes like.
  • Spruce up your kitchen counter! The Chemex coffee-maker design was voted one of the 100 best-designed products of modern times.
  • When you coarsely grind your Death Wish coffee and pair it with heavy filters such as Chemex filters, no bitterness or sediment is created at the time of the brew.
  • The non-porous glass allows you to taste your coffee, not your machine.
  • It makes perfect coffee every time, guaranteed!


An Alluring Process to Bring Out Serious Flavor

There’s nothing quite so beautifully meditative as watching plumes of steam rise from a pour-over coffee-maker. Breathe in the heavenly, heady scent that rises as the coffee beans bloom. After patiently pouring hot water in slow circles, inspiring a calm, ruminative focus before the early-morning busy buzz, the completely manual process results in six cups of coffee so strong and so delicious that you’ll never want to go back to the classic drip brewers ever again.

Total Control Over Your Coffee

With the best pour-over coffee-maker system out there, you control the strength of your coffee. Controlling the strength is pretty important when you’re brewing the world’s strongest blend of premium coffee beans. If you want to really enjoy the full complexity of flavors of Death Wish coffee or our Valhalla Java blend, it’s time to level up your coffee with a Chemex 6-cup coffee-maker system. It’s made of non-porous borosilicate glass, which retains no stains, residues, or odors, meaning that all you’ll taste is coffee.

Loving Your Grounds

For the patient coffee enthusiast, the pour-over method is preferable to most of the other brewing methods due to the flavor and strength control. It’s easy: Start with coarsely ground beans and special thick filters (which are included with your purchase). Heat your water to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, pour the water over the coffee slowly. The coffee will bloom, swelling up a bit and releasing carbon dioxide. Keep pouring the water through, wait for the grounds to lie flat, toss out the filter, and then start sipping the best, strongest coffee that tastes even better than the stuff handed to you by any barista. It won’t take long for you to become an expert pour-over coffee-maker with the Chemex!

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