6 Cup Chemex (with filters)

6 Cup Chemex (with filters)

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6 Cup Chemex (with filters)

6 Cup Chemex (with filters)

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The perfect pot.

You're a cup above the rest. Your brewing system should be too. Get a perfect pot every time with our 6 Cup Chemex and 100 filter pack. This pourover process ensures a smooth, bold cup every time, and its cone-shaped filters extract the best flavors from your coffee. Basically, you'll brew like a pro.


    Product details: 

    • Comes with a 6 Cup Chemex and 100 Chemex filters.
    • Chemex includes a polished wood collar and leather tie.
    • Chemex fileters are compostable. 
    • We recommend hand-washing only.

    Why use a Chemex? 

    • Fresh cup every time.
    • Non-porous glass does not impart flavors onto coffee. 
    • Chemex filters provide a clean, strong cup of coffee every time.
    • We recommend a medium-coarse grind for the best cup.
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