Fueled By death cast

Fueled By Death Cast Ep. 30 - ALYSSA HARDY


Death Wish Coffee Company Employee Series #7

“Style is the great equalizer of the world. If you have a sense of style you want to put out to the world, you can do it”  - Alyssa Hardy, content manager Death Wish Coffee Company.




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Listen to how video games can actually change your brain for the good and the bad on this week in Science. Plus, everyone has their own style and it is not just about what you wear. The idea of being comfortable in who you are is featured on What Fuels You. Finally, the special guest on this episode joins the hosts for The Roast as they talk about something new in men's fashion, and a brand new product reveal that has been a long time coming for the World's Strongest Coffee.


Alyssa Hardy is on the show, and is also the content manager at Death Wish Coffee Company. She talks about joining the team and her transition from her old job, some of the details about our current Grind It Out campaign, and how her love of the fashion has led to her being able to cover some of the biggest fashion events in the world.