The Tattoo Series

By DeathWishCoffee — / The Biz

Death Wish Coffee Launches Tattoo Series with Nine Tattoo Artists Nationwide

To show our undying love of tattoos and the culture that surrounds them, we’ve collaborated with nine brilliant tattoo artists throughout the country to showcase their talent. This series highlights the creativity of tattoo culture, with each tattoo artist creating original artwork for Death Wish Coffee to be featured and released on limited-edition mugs and t-shirts.

A female covered in tattoos sketching tattoo designs on a light box featuring a black and white mug of coffee and a bag of Death Wish Coffee.

The first featured tattoo artist, Eva Jean, is from the Allentown district of Buffalo, NY. Eva gravitated towards becoming a tattoo artist after seeing nontraditional-style work that pushed the boundaries of traditional values. She got her first tattoo at age 16 and now has tattoos covering over 92 percent of her own body with 18 years of experience as an artist under her belt. Describing her style as illustrative with strong traditional fundamentals, Eva’s art allows for endless creative possibilities and the freedom to push the boundaries.

At Death Wish Coffee, tattoo culture is huge—amongst our team and our loyal coffee drinkers. One exclusive design will be released each month from now until September, where the series will culminate at our retail shop in Saratoga Springs, NY. Each of these creative designs showcases the unique and individual style of the tattoo artists, each interpreting Death Wish Coffee in their own way. The remaining 8 tattoo artists will be announced throughout the coming months.

“We are excited to announce the Tattoo Series, showcasing talented tattoo artists from around the country as they design their own interpretation of coffee and Death Wish Coffee. As we continue our 10-year brand anniversary celebrations, we are thrilled to offer these exclusive merchandise designs for our loyal customers, while celebrating these artists and their vision. Celebrating artists is ingrained into our culture, as is creating content that provides a perfect blend of caffeinated creativity and ingenuity.” - Mike Pilkington, CEO 

Whether you’re tattooed or not, I think we can all agree that the talent and creativity of tattoo artists far and wide is something we all look up to. Keep your eyes peeled each month as we release their flashes of genius—all inspired by coffee—the bold and ever-bountiful elixir of life.  


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