Introducing Run the Day Ethiopian Coffee Blend

By Megan Dority — / The Biz

Death Wish Coffee Launches Run the Day Blend, Supporting Ethiopian Nonprofit Organization Girls Gotta Run  

Death Wish Coffee is launching a new limited-edition blend called Run the Day, which combines Ethiopian Yirgacheffee coffee beans with Indian robusta to create a first-of-its-kind, bold, complex, medium roast coffee. Today marks the launch of the first-ever Grind for Good blend, which will support the Girls Gotta Run Foundation, a nonprofit organization that empowers Ethiopian girls through the sport of running.  

Two brightly colored coffee bags with Ethiopian Coffee blend Run the Day.

“When creating the roast curve for Run the Day, our focus was on finding the sweet spot, where both coffees shine—coming together to deliver a well-rounded, smooth, complex drinking experience,” said Mike Pilkington, CEO of Death Wish Coffee Co. “In doing so, we were able to preserve the complex sensory profile offered by the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, while adding body, deep coffee impact and that extra kick of caffeine with the robusta. The marriage of these two coffees is truly one of a kind.”  

Death Wish Coffee to Support Girls Gotta Run 

Run the Day is our first venture into creating a blend that gives back—one inspired by the young women of Ethiopia. To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’ll be sponsoring ten girls and their mothers in the Girls Gotta Run Foundation for the year.  

Running offers another pathway—our support will directly support these families in several areas that include educational scholarships, life skills training, run clubs for leadership development and savings and entrepreneurship workshops for the mothers of the girls. Since 2002, Ethiopia has won 35 Olympic medals in running. Nearly half of those winners are from Bekoji, the small village where Girls Gotta Run was founded—also near the Yirgacheffe coffee growing region. 

Young female runners who are a part of the Girls Gotta Run foundation in Ethiopia.

What Does Grind for Good Mean? 

The goal of Death Wish Coffee’s Grind for Good is to support organizations in coffee-growing regions around the world. Available for a limited time only, the Run the Day blend is 80 percent sourced from the Yirgacheffe growing region of Ethiopia, farmed just down the road from where Ethiopian Olympic hopefuls train. Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA™ and USDA Certified Organic, this medium roast has a complex flavor profile featuring notes of candied citrus and dark chocolate.  

“Our hope in launching Run the Day is to give back to a coffee growing community that heavily supports the coffee industry we so dearly love,” said Pilkington. “The Girls Gotta Run Foundation is doing incredible things for young girls in Ethiopia, and we are honored to support and align with them for the launch of this initiative through our Run the Day blend.” 

Inspiration for Run the Day 

The special-edition Run the Day packaging was designed to mirror the bold colors of the Ethiopian flag and the traditional basket-weaving patterns that are often used to carry coffee cherries. It also features an upright lioness running forward, symbolizing the strength, courage and fearlessness embodied by the girls enrolled in the Girls Gotta Run program, who are working towards a better future for themselves and their families.  

Inspired by young runners who fiercely train in the birthplace of coffee, our limited-edition Run the Day blend is bright, bold and highly caffeinated—with delicate notes of candied citrus and dark chocolate. Inspired by tradition, this blend packs all the beauty and nuance that Ethiopian arabica beans are known for and is artfully combined with the body and richness of robusta—a fearless innovation into the coffee-roasting frontier.  

A banner that says Grind for Good. Run the Day + support the Girls Gotta Run Foundation. Shop Now.





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