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The best and easiest S'Mores Iced Coffee recipe to make all summer long

Prep - 5 Minutes Cook - 5 Minutes 1 serving
S'mores , Iced Coffee , Cold Brew
American Dessert

How to make S'Mores Iced Coffee

What screams "summer" more than roasting s'mores over an open campfire? We took this summer staple and went a step further. You're going to need some caffeination to keep you wired through those long summer nights. After all, no one looks back on their lives and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep. 

S'mores iced coffee is the perfect summer drink — it blends the rich, dark taste of cold brew with the sweet, chocolatey taste of a s'more. Watch our recipe video below and follow these steps.  


  • 1

    Make your cold brew and coffee ice cubes 

    With fresh, filtered water under 40 degrees, add coarse ground coffee and water to a pitcher and let it steep for at least 24 hours. Filter it out the next day, and voilá! Cold brew. Find more details for our recipe here. For coffee ice cubes, you can use leftover coffee or some of your freshly made cold brew. Just put them in an ice try and wait for them to freeze. 

  • 2

    Put the rim on your mason jar or glass 

    Smash two graham crackers as much as you can in a small bowl (we recommend using your hands to crush). In another bowl, add chocolate syrup. Dip your mason jar or glass into the syrup, and then dip it into the smashed graham crackers. Set the bowls aside.

  • 3

    Add your ice cubes and cold brew

    Add ice cubes and cold brew into your glass. Fill the jar up about 2/3 of the way with cold brew. Add more than that if you wanted a stronger kick. That's the best part of this recipe — measurements are completely up to you. 

  • 4

    Add the chocolate milk 

    Fill the rest of the glass with chocolate milk to taste. 

  • 5

    Top with whipped cream and dipped marshmallows

    Add whipped cream, and then dip half of the marshmallow into syrup and graham crackers (same steps you did for the rim). 


  • Cold brew coffee
  • Coffee iced cubes
  • Chocolate milk
  • Whipped cream
  • 2 crushed graham crackers
  • Marshmallows
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Mason jar or glass


If you don't have time to make cold brew, regular iced coffee will work just fine (made by putting regular coffee into the fridge to cool down). Cold brew gives it a richer, stronger taste, but we know people are in a hurry!