How to Brew Coffee Using a French Press Pot

Prep - 10 Minutes Cook - 5 Minutes About 3-4 servings
French press , Coffee , Hot coffee
A French Press is a brewing mechanism that uses a filter to extract coffee that has been saturated completely by water. When used correctly, it makes one of the strongest cups of coffee out there. For this blog, I used a Bodum Chambord, but the same concept applies to most french presses.


  • 1

    Grind Coarse. The consistency should be similar to rock salt.

  • 2

    Add Coffee. For this brewer, using a 2.5:6 coffee to water ratio, I used 60 grams of coffee.

  • 3

    Bloom. Heat your water to 205 degrees, or just below boiling. Then pour just enough to completely saturate the grinds. Let sit for thirty seconds.  

  • 4

    Pour Remaining Water. Pour until about two centimeters below the lip of the press. Be sure to pour in a circular motion to ensure consistent extraction.  

  • 5

    Extract. After playing around with extraction times, I've found that four minutes from initial bloom produces the best cup.  

  • 6

    Press. Slowly press down the lever until you reach the coffee grinds.  

  • 7

    Pour. Sometimes you'll need to give the pot a swish or two to get the pour to come out quickly enough. The coffee should be a rich brown color. Decant immediately to avoid over-extraction.


  • Coarse ground coffee
  • Water heated to 205 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Use water at 205 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Grind to coarse
  • Preheat the French Press using warm water
  • Keep brew time at about four minutes
  • Decant coffee after brew time to avoid over-extraction