A case for drinking cold brew all year long

By Death Wish Coffee — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

The cold never bothered me anyway 

By Angela Garrity, Guest blogger

Those who choose to drink cold brew year-round, we see you. The temperature outside is subzero, but there you are, sipping away on your cold brew, without ever sharing the tragedies of those who choose to reach for a hot cup. Maybe you actually do know, and you changed up your coffee preference to avoid the pitfalls others fall into for choosing to drink it hot?


Do you even know what it’s like to experience the torture that comes from burning off the inside of your mouth? There is a struggling repetition that comes with choosing the love of hot coffee — Lid off, blowing and sipping. Having to choose between cooling off or 3rd-degree burn, most of us will gladly sacrifice a layer of taste buds merely for a few drops of the hot drink we crave.

Do you have instant gratification when that coffee hits your lips? Yes, you purveyors of cold brew have perfected the art of not having to wait to get caffeinated. Open mouth, insert coffee, happy place unlocked. Let the envy ensue.

You can also leave your coffee in your car when you start your shift. Guess what? It will likely still be just the way you left it when you find it in your cupholder, eight hours later. You lucky coffee connoisseur, you.

If you drop your cold brew, it can make for some seriously great content for social media. Just ask Jonah Hill, when a photo of him nearly broke the internet when a candid photo of the actor surfaced of him unaware that his plastic cup holding coffee was falling from his grip.

According to Real Simple, drinking cold brew isn’t a trend — it’s more like a revolution. Hipster to Hippie, one can agree for sure — people of all walks of life love their cold brew.  Day or night, season to season, there seems to be no wrong time to enjoy one.

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