Here are some of our favorite Death Wish Coffee-inspired tattoos

By Shannon Sweeney — / Death Wish Coffee Blog

Death Wish Coffee tattoos from our community

People get tattoos for any number of reasons — like honoring someone, to pay tribute to a favorite band or author, or because they really like the art. For others, it's to show your love for something. 

Some members of our caffeinated community really love us, and we love them back! To show how much Death Wish is a part of their lives and identity, each of these community members has a Death Wish Coffee-inspired tattoo. And they're f*&%ing awesome.

Thanks for being such a big part of who we are as a company and for being with us since day one, and for taking #FueledByDeath and #MugLife to the next level. Tbh, I think we should return the favor and get tattoos of each of you.

Manny Baez got this tattoo done in February 2017.


Quentin Mariano got this done in November 2018. The original drawing was done by tattoo artist Peter Clarke and was featured on a pin of ours.


Jamie Robinson, the host of the Mr. Throwback Thursday Podcast, got this Uncle Sam tattoo in February 2018. We did a mug with this design on it, and that's when he knew he had to get it done. 

"The coffee beans are my blood type," Jamie said. 


Jason Heath got this logo tattoo more than 5 years ago — and it was the first Death Wish Coffee tattoo EVER.

"Supporting Death Wish is a huge part of my identity. It is what many associate with me, and that will not change," Jason said.


Johnny Duke Sizemore's first mug purchase was on August 15, 2015 — and that's when he knew he wanted to get a Death Wish tattoo. Almost 200 mugs later, he takes "mug life" literally.

"It was my wife’s idea to put “mug life” underneath, since I started collecting the mugs and it became a thing," Johnny said. "My wife got the mug life idea, from an old school Death Wish T-shirt that Eric Donovan made. It read 'Mo Coffee, less problems.'"

 And what's cooler than a T-rex drinking coffee out of a skull mug? Not much.

"I’m in my favorite happy place, camping with my family. Making campfire coffee and s'mores, of course. My friend Timmy Medley from the UK came up with the best name — #TyrannoSmoreUsRex."


The inspiration for Daniel Rader's tattoo came after his first purchase in 2014, and got our logo tattooed on his shoulder in 2015.

"I ordered a hoodie and there was an issue with the order and with the excellent customer service I received I knew I was a customer for life," he said. "It was also in December of 2015 that I decided to get the Death Wish Coffee logo tattooed on my left shoulder."

Thanks for sharing your awesome ink with us! 

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