How to Brew Coffee Using a French Press Pot

A French Press is a brewing mechanism that uses a filter to extract coffee that has been saturated completely by water. When used correctly, it makes one of the strongest cups of coffee out there. For this blog, I used a Bodum Chambord, but the same concept applies to most french presses.
1. Grind Coarse
The consistency should be similar to rock salt.
2. Add Coffee
For this brewer, using a 2.5:6 coffee to water ratio, I used 60 grams of coffee.
3. Bloom
Heat your water to 205 degrees, or just below boiling. Then pour just enough to completely saturate the grinds. Let sit for thirty seconds.  
5. Pour Remaining Water
Pour until about two centimeters below the lip of the press. Be sure to pour in a circular motion to ensure consistent extraction.  
6. Extract
After playing around with extraction times, I've found that four minutes from initial bloom produces the best cup.  
7. Press
Slowly press down the lever until you reach the coffee grinds.  
8. Pour
Sometimes you'll need to give the pot a swish or two to get the pour to come out quickly enough. The coffee should be a rich brown color. Decant immediately to avoid over-extraction.

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