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Meet the Artist: Andreea Dumuta

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Death Wish is and has always been defined by those who live boldly. From the start, our identity was formed by the bare knuckles attitude it takes to build something out of nothing. And anytime we get the chance to work with others who embody that energy, we just can’t pass it up.

Artists, hands down, exemplify to us what Live With A Death Wish means. Turning blank slates into serious works of out-of-this-world art, be they on skin or concrete or screenprint on cotton. SO—consider this us getting back to our roots. We’ll be working more closely with artists, creators and makers to curate killer merch you can be proud to rock.

Starting with our upcoming drop on Friday, 11/17 by the insanely talented Andreea Dumuta of @galactixy_illustrations, based in Romania.

Meet the Artist - Andreea Dumuta

So Andreea, we have to ask: do you drink coffee & if so, how do you take it? 

Oh, I love coffee. Every day I must drink a big cup of coffee to be able to function haha. I drink my coffee with a tiny bit of milk and no sugar.

When did you start making art?   

When I was a child basically. But I didn’t consider having a career in this field until I was 18. That’s when I started to really get into drawing. Went to art school and the rest is history.  

What inspires you to create in the style you do?   

I really love old school illustrations and tattoos, so my art is heavily inspired by that kind of aesthetic. But I like to think I give it a modern spin through my use of color. Music is also a big source of inspiration for me. And horror. These really spark my creativity.

Bull graphic created by Andreea Dumuta.

How did you approach the design for this collab in particular?   

I knew from the moment I was presented with the opportunity to create this design that we are really on the same page when it comes to the vibes.  I really dig the skull aesthetic you guys have going on, so my mind immediately went to “ok I’m going to make a really cool skull”. Then I started to think about the “Live with a death wish” brief and after some back and forth, came up with this design.  

Do you have a process or ritual you need to go through to get ready to create?   

No, not really. If I’m drawing for myself, and not for a client, I just go with it when I get an idea.  

What’s your favorite medium?  

I got hooked on digital art 5 or 6 years ago and never looked back. I just love the versatility of it.

Death Wish Coffee x Andreea Dumuta Let It Ride Tee

What do you do when you feel creatively blocked?   

I listen to music! Sometimes hearing some word associations immediately sparks some ideas to create an illustration.

What moment in your career as an artist are you most proud of?   

I got a job from The New York Times to make an illustration for one of their publications in like my first year working as a professional artist. Before that I wasn’t sure I had what it takes to make a career out of this. But it gave me some validation and allowed me to gain the confidence I desperately needed to keep doing this.  

What’s the most played song on your playlist right now?     

Not a song, but I have Sufjan’s Stevens last album on repeat. It’s called Javelin. It’s great. I recommend you check it out.  

What do you do when you need to destress?   

I procrastinate. I am putting some Youtube on and do nothing else. That does it for me.  

What does Live With a Death Wish mean to you? 

For me personally, it means to live without fear. 

You heard the woman. Put on some Sufjan Steven's, brew yourself a cup and get ready for a highly limited drop of amazing work by Andreea this Friday.