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The Origins of Flavored Coffee

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Let’s get real: you either love or utterly despise flavored coffee.

Those who hate it typically turn their nose up at it, claiming that flavored coffee is not hardcore enough. Flavored coffee, however, is a lot more than just some sugary, over-processed 21st century invention with names that sound like they’re fresh out of a Disney movie. In fact, people have been personalizing their coffee experience with flavors for a very long time.  

Origins of Flavored Coffee

The origins of flavored coffee are credited to people using cinnamon, cardamom, and pepper to flavor their coffee as early as 1000 BCE. These different ingredients were part of the spice trade, which went directly through the main coffee-growing areas of Africa. People would use whatever spices they could get their hands on to experiment with coffee flavoring. Italians have also been known to experiment with coffee flavoring by adding different types of liqueurs to their coffee (thank you, Italians).   

Flavored Coffee in the United States

This trend hit the United States along with the influx of Italians to San Francisco’s North Beach in the early 1900s, making flavored syrups part of the American café culture. Something shifted, however, when a retired coffee industry veteran named LC Brandenburg walked into North Beach’s Caffe Trieste in 1983 and caught sight of the Torani syrups that lined the back wall. He brought some home and experimented until he created the first flavored latte out of espresso, steamed milk, and vanilla and orange syrups – which he named the Fantasia. Brandenburg called up Harry Lucheta, the man running Torani at the time, and let him know of his discovery. The two of them began rolling out their idea to local roasters and cafes, and the rest is history.  

Flavored Coffee at Death Wish

Here at Death Wish, we do things a little differently when it comes to flavored coffee. We begin by working with our partners to identify the highest quality, natural flavors available. We then pinpoint the key flavor notes we are trying to deliver and screen a series of options. Through lots of research and trial and error, we work to create the best tasting flavored coffee possible. As our in-house experts say, “Our goal is to identify the right combination of notes in balance with our Death Wish Coffee to fuel flavor-loving bold souls.” 

People often think that flavored coffee is weak, yet we can promise you that we never do anything even in the same area code as weak. Everything we do is packed with a punch; our flavored coffee included. Our flavored coffee still features our signature blend of arabica and robusta beans, just with a touch of flavor. Lucky for you we have a growing lineup of flavors to choose from, including our Vanilla, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Blue and Buried with even more to come!

Try out our flavored coffee today – we dare you. 

[Featured Image Credit: Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash]