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The History of Brews and Booze

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There are very few things you can rely on in this world, two of them being coffee and booze. One gets you out the door, and the other welcomes you home. They exist in perfect harmony, sometimes even in the same glass. So how did these two vital sources of life come to connect?? Sit back, sip on a caffeinated cocktail, and get educated son.

History of Brews

The creation of coffee is said to date all the way back to the 15th century, and not a moment too soon. If you’re wondering how this discovery came about, overly caffeinated goats are to thank. No, you didn’t have one too many boozy brews. Caffeinated. Goats. The goat’s owner, an Ethiopian herder named Kaldi, found his goats acting similarly to how you do four cups deep. Once he traced it back to the caffeinated berries the goats ingested, he brought this information to the local leaders, and the rest is history.

History of Booze

There’s no clear-cut answer on when alcohol was first invented – most likely because they were all too buzzed to report on their findings. What we do know is that that the production, sale and governmental regulation of alcohol was already taking place in ancient civilizations like Sumer as early as 2100 B.C. Sumerian doctors and pharmacists would prescribe beer to their lucky patients, as learned from clay tablets found from that era. Cheers to that!

When World’s Collided

To all our espresso martini girlies (and guy-ies), make sure you thank Ethiopia when you take that next sip. Coffee with a kick originated from this amazing country. After hearing about the dancing goats, people started experimenting with the magical berries that gave them a reason to get up in the morning. They made many coffee berry-related products, but the Ethiopians are the real stars of the show. These geniuses created fermented coffee-berry pulp, AKA coffee wine. Hats off to them, we owe you one.

Best of Both Worlds

I’m sure all this history made you thirsty, so it’s time to whip up some caffeinated cocktails of your own. If rum is your drink of choice, this Dark ‘N Stormy Cocktail Recipe is for you. Maybe you’re in the mood for something that screams coffee, in which case you will enjoy the Espresso Martini Recipe. Sweater weather is right around the corner, and if you feel like celebrating a little early this Pumpkin Chai Martini will treat you well. You can find other mouthwatering recipes, including 5 Cold Brew Cocktail Recipes, on our Recipe blog page!

Let’s raise a glass to the Yin and Yang of beverages, thanks for keeping us sane. 

Featured Image Credit: Jeppe Monster Via Unsplash