6 Cup Chemex & Death Wish Coffee Bundle with filters

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The Best Coffee and the Best Pour-Over Coffee System Make the Perfect Cup

Get the best pour-over coffee set ever: the world’s strongest coffee along with the simple, beautiful Chemex Classic Series coffeemaker. Discover a better way to consume the full-bodied, bold, smooth flavors of Death Wish with the pour-over brewing method.

This set comes with a 16-ounce bag of whole-bean Death Wish Coffee and the 6-cup Chemex pour-over coffee system along with specialty Chemex filters.

  • Take complete control over your coffee with a simple, manual brewing process.
  • Taste the full flavors of our premium coffee, not your machine.
  • Beautify, don’t clutter, your kitchen with the elegant design of the Chemex, voted one of the 100 best-designed products of the modern day.
  • Thick Chemex filters plus a coarser grind of the beans results in no bitterness or sediment.
  • Pour with patience and love. Get the perfect cup every time.


Death Wish Coffee + Chemex = Love

We at Death Wish Coffee Co. really, really love this pour-over brewer. Being able to control the brew makes the world’s strongest coffee even better. Death Wish becomes the star, the belle of the ball. The flavors are at their best, completely uninterrupted by machinery or residues. The Chemex coffeemaker knows how to treat every cup of Death Wish right. We’re kind of … you know... getting serious. It’s not like we’re high-maintenance or anything, but it’s nice to be appreciated. Anyway, is it a match meant to be? We think so!

The Best Coffee for the Best Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

The manual process may seem daunting at first, but this is honestly the best way to really enjoy your Death Wish coffee. Many coffee fans prefer the pour-over method, loving the simplicity and focus of brewing the purer way. You can control the strength and flavor of every brew based on temperature and timing. The open-faced pour-over coffee system also allows the coffee to bloom, which is an integral part of the process where the grinds expand slightly, releasing unwanted carbon dioxide as hot water hits them. If you can spare the few minutes to heat water to the perfect temperature and pour it in slow, methodical circles, your morning cup will transform into liquid clarity that is to be savored.

Brew to perfection and savor every smooth sip when you control the strength of the world’s strongest coffee! Buy our Death Wish coffee and 6-cup Chemex pour-over coffee set online today.

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