Fueled By Death Cast Ep. 43 - KRISTEN UNDERWOOD

Kristen Underwood



"It's progression. It's the first job I've had that I didn't know anything about anything I was doing when I started. It's nice to get the experience." - Kristen Underwood, office manager, Death Wish Coffee Company


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For the first time ever, light waves have been stored as sound waves, allowing the possibilities of photon-based computers to become reality. An idea that has only existed in science fiction, and is the discussion on this week's Science segment. Then the idea of being open to learning new things every day to better your work and life is What Fuel You. Finally, learn about how The World's Strongest Coffee will be participating in the National Coffee Day event.


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Kristen Underwood is the office manager at Death Wish Coffee and recalls the hilarious way she actually got the job. Kristen used to work in hair and makeup and she talks about the pressures and complications of working in that industry. Also, she talks about how the company has grown since she joined and some stories of interviewing potential workers for the company.


Jeff: First question, who is your favorite employee.

Kristen: Ooh that's a good one.

Jeff: I like that you're thinking about it. That's good. That's good.

Dustin: Okay who's your least favorite. It's got to be Kane, right?

Kristen: Oh yes.

Jeff: Right. Thank you very much for stopping by. That's all the questions we have for today. No, but let's start where we always have to start. In the beginning and talk a little bit about how you got this job and maybe what you were doing before you started working for Death Wish Coffee.

Kristen: Before here I worked in makeup for about six years. It's kind of a funny story how I got this job. I interviewed with Mike three times. I thought I had this in the bag, this job, and I didn't. I didn't get hired. I was super bummed because this was one of the first jobs that I was really stoked about interviewing for, and Mike was super cool. It wasn't even like an interview, I don't even think he knew how to interview.

Jeff: Right.

Kristen: When I didn't get it I was super bummed, and then I think 10 months went by, and I went to Log bay day, and I was really drunk. I saw someone with a Death Wish hat, and I was like, "Do you work for Death Wish?" They were like, "No, but guess who's here." They brought me over to Mike and I was falling over.

Dustin: Hired.

Jeff: Hired.

Kristen: Yup. I guess I told him I still want to work for you, I asked him if he remembered me. He was like, "Yeah." I passed out after that so I don't.

Dustin: Like directly after? Can I work for you?

Kristen: I made it back to my boat.

Dustin: Which I was driving at the time I passed out.

Kristen: I was not. Monday, I woke up and I didn't really remember that all happened, and I got a phone call and it was Mike. He asked me to come in and meet the team.

Jeff: That's awesome.

Dustin: Yeah at that point I think we had to let go of the person who was office managing before that. It was probably amazing timing.

Kristen: Yeah it was perfect timing.

Dustin: It was written in the stars.

Kristen: It was fate.

Jeff: Had you heard of Death Wish Coffee before you applied?

Kristen: No, actually. I didn't really know anything about it. I don't even remember how I found it in the first place, when I first applied.

Dustin: Probably Craig's List.

Kristen: Yeah. That's what I assumed.

Jeff: Interesting. How long have you been now with the company?

Kristen: Just over a year.

Jeff: About a year ago, obviously it was a lot less people worked here. How has your, you are officially the office manager of Death Wish Coffee company, so how was that kind of changed your job? Has your job changed from day one to your duties now?

Kristen: It has changed, yes, a lot. When I first started, I don't remember how many people were working here. Maybe like 11 I want to say.

Jeff: Yeah.

Dustin: It was more. When I came on it was around like 10 or 11, and then when you came on it was probably more like 14 or 15.

Jeff: A couple more.

Kristen: Yeah. Since I've been here it's pretty much doubled, which is crazy because I hired a lot of those people. That's kind of cool. From when I first started, I've had a lot of tasks added to my list now helping out with marketing and writing blogs.

Dustin: Yeah, yeah. You're writing blogs now too, that's really cool. Do you have any experience in writing before this?

Kristen: No. I just remember in college my favorite class was English because we used to have this assignment that was write a journal every week, and you could write about whatever you want. I did really good in that class because of that. Because I always enjoyed it so that was really cool. I was excited to do that.

Jeff: What made you decide to have a career change because you said you worked in make up for six years. Did it just become something you didn't want to do anymore?

Kristen: When I first started in make up, I really didn't know too much about it.

Jeff: Did you go to school for it?

Kristen: No.

Jeff: Oh cool.

Kristen: I didn't. I actually I did customer service for a little bit before that. I worked in a cube and I hated it, and I got fired.

Dustin: What'd you get fired for?

Kristen: I just didn't go.

Jeff: That's grounds for firing.

Kristen: Because I didn't like it.

Jeff: All right.

Kristen: I didn't like the job, didn't like the people. After that, when I got let go, the first place I went was Sephora to apply there just because I had always had an interest in make up. More so on the skin care line, but I applied there and I got hired really quickly. I loved it for a while. It was like this is something I enjoyed, I enjoyed going to work. It was a lot of fun. I loved the girls that I worked with everywhere. I worked at a few different places doing make up. Then it just kind of got to the point where I felt like I didn't care if I ever put make up on anyone again a day in my life.

Jeff: Yeah.

Kristen: It kind of ruined the passion for it.

Jeff: Wow. That can happen though. I mean you never know until you dive head first into something like that. You know? I'm very thankful that that happened because now you're with us.

Kristen: Yeah. A lot of people don't realize what it takes to be in that industry. I think it took a huge toll on me because it, for a while, it really kind of hurt my confidence.

Jeff: Really? Explain that a little.

Kristen: So, at Sephora there's a lot of guidelines that you have to follow as far as the make up that you have to wear on your face that's mandatory every single day.

Dustin: Wow. Instead of a dress code it's a make up code. That's very weird.

Kristen: Yeah. Yup. We had just a very plain, kind of like a smock dress that looked like a Star Trek dress.

Jeff: Weird.

Kristen: The girls used to complain about it, but it was because we're not attracting people with our bodies, we're attracting them with our faces. So it was the make up that they were paying attention to. If I went through the list of everything you had to wear on your face, you guys probably wouldn't know half the stuff I said.

Jeff: Wow. That's crazy though. That was something that actually took the fun away from it I'm sure.

Kristen: Yeah. Because I didn't feel like fully put together, or myself if I left the house without make up on. I didn't feel like good looking without it. It took a lot for me, and now you'll notice very rarely my eye make ups done.

Jeff: Right.

Kristen: It's like I'm too lazy to do it now, but for a while I couldn't even leave the house without it.

Jeff: Wow. It's got to be freeing too to be in a job, where I mean, as an office manager, sure you deal with the public day to day and all that kind of stuff, it's not like we have a make up code here at Death Wish Coffee.

Dustin: Or a dress code.

Jeff: Maybe we should.

Dustin: Jeff you need 10 pounds of face make up every day.

Jeff: Done.

Kristen: And a Star Trek dress.

Jeff: Done. I already have the Star Trek dress.

Kristen: Oh I've got it.

Dustin: He's wearing one right now.

Kristen: Never returned that.

Dustin: Do you, I've asked this question before, I think it was to Alyssa, do you think there should be a dress code here?

Kristen: No.

Dustin: That's great.

Jeff: Yes.

Kristen: I loved it. I mean there's, I think there's a pro and a con to it. I think it's nice because when you're feeling lazy, you can wear whatever you want. Nobody cares, nobody says anything. At the same time, it was almost nice having a uniform, because you didn't have to pick what you had to wear every day.

Dustin: I feel like at Death Wish, we celebrate individuality. Having a dress code completely takes away from that I feel like. Half of your expression of personality at least, right off the bat, comes from what you're wearing. Death Wish shirts are awesome, but I'm not going to wear one every day.

Jeff: I think that's what's nice about it is that there's this almost moderate dress code at this company where it is encouraged that we rep the company we work for, but it's not mandatory. It's not like you have to wear 35 pieces of Death Wish flair every single day when you walk into work. It is nice to be able to work for a company that makes a cool brand and being able to, because you're right. I don't want to wear a Death Wish or a Death Wish hat every single day, but I do like rocking them.

Dustin: Even at events, I remember it was a concert, I think it was Disturbed or something like that. A bunch of us got a VIP treatment at a Disturbed show and spack, I think I didn't show up in a Death Wish shirt and Mike was sad. Instead of like, "Hey at these events you should be wearing and representing," no he was like, "I'm kind of sad." It's like oh I'll go change right now.

Jeff: I don't want to make you sad.

Kristen: It's a little different too because even if we did have uniform, if it were the Death Wish t shirt, wherever you go, everybody wants it. You know what I mean? Nobody wants a yellow polo that they wear at Red Robin.

Jeff: Right. Right. Exactly.

Dustin: You don't hang out with that person. That person sucks.

Jeff: We talked a little bit about how this company's grown since you've been here. Can you talk a little bit about your day to day duties. I know you said that you're constantly getting more and more added. Now you're writing blogs and that kind of stuff, but what does it even mean to be an office manager, especially in a company like this.

Kristen: I'm basically Mike's right hand man, I guess you could say. Pretty much everything he needs he'll come to me. On a day to day basis, I take care of the mail. I take care of payments from our vendors. I pay our vendors. Now I'm writing blogs. I also schedule out posts like memes on Facebook and Twitter, which that's fun too.

Jeff: Were you into social media before you started this job?

Kristen: Yeah. A little bit. Not to the extent I think that I am now.

Dustin: Has that stepped up your social media game?

Kristen: Yeah. I think it has.

Jeff: This job definitely does that.

Dustin: Yeah. I definitely, I'm such an Instagram bitch.

Kristen: I am too.

Jeff: I'll tell you right now, coming into this job a couple months ago I felt very confident with my social media game. I felt like I was doing a lot of social media on various networks and was really good at it, and I wasn't. I've definitely stepped that up just from working here and seeing what you can actually do with that.

Dustin: You do, just about all the interviews here now.

Kristen: Yes.

Dustin: What would you say, let's say I'm coming in for a Death Wish job, what are the things that you are looking for to hire in an [crosstalk 00:11:38] role.

Jeff: That's very good information to know.

Kristen: I guess it's kind of case by case. It depends on the position, but mostly I do a lot of interviewing for production, and for me it's really important that you have sort of that mentality and personality that's going to get along with the team that we already have.

Dustin: A little bit thicker skin than usual.

Kristen: Yeah. Yeah.

Dustin: Because you have to work for John.

Jeff: There is a different breed that works here. I think that's smart to look for that because if we're going to get someone who is a fragile little flower, I don't think they're going to last very long unfortunately.

Kristen: They wouldn't, I don't think so. Whereas I don't necessarily think that popularity, I don't think it's a popularity contest so much, if they can get the job, most would think you're hired. I think that our production team and in general, our entire team is so closely knit, that we can't really have anybody that doesn't fall in place because it's just a family.

Dustin: Yeah that's true. We're still a very small team, we're in very close quarters, we see each other every day and if there was somebody here that was a putz, it would be uncomfortable.

Jeff: Speaking of putzes, obviously we're not going to name names or anything, but you have been doing a lot of these interviews lately. I want to know some dirt, all right? Are there any crazy, crazy instances now that you've interviewed some people that have just been like I can't believe that happened or conversely like wow this person was amazing?

Kristen: In general, or just like with people that are ...

Dustin: I want to hear specifications of somebody being a dope.

Jeff: Yeah. Yeah.

Kristen: Okay, can I say about somebody who works here now?

Dustin: Yeah but just don't name them.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah totally.

Dustin: Tell me first and then we'll name them afterwards.

Kristen: Okay. All right. I would have to say probably one of the funniest things, which has gotten around the office as well.

Dustin: I know what this is. Is it the girlfriend one?

Kristen: It is the girlfriend one.

Jeff: I don't know this. I don't know this.

Dustin: I'll tell you who it is afterwards.

Jeff: I'm excited. I don't know this at all.

Kristen: One of the questions that I ask everybody is what is one of your biggest or greatest accomplishments in your life.

Jeff: Okay. That's a good question.

Kristen: Yeah. It's nice to get a little bit of background about people. Somebody told me that their girlfriend was their greatest accomplishment.

Jeff: Whoa.

Dustin: Can you guess who that, current worker.

Kristen: Current worker.

Jeff: I don't know.

Dustin: Guess. You got to guess. I'll give you a hint. Production worker.

Jeff: I don't want to guess.

Dustin: I want you to guess. I want you to guess.

Jeff: Oh man. Is it Brad?

Kristen: Ooh no. It's not.

Jeff: I just called out Brad.

Dustin: I think you just said Brad because your percentage of getting that right because we have two Brad's.

Jeff: Two Brad's. They both have awesome girls.

Dustin: Yup. That's true. It was Noah.

Jeff: Well also an awesome girl. That's awesome. That's really funny.

Kristen: That was a good one. I also had someone who didn't make it actually through the entire interview who, the first question I asked him, what was it? I know I said it in a meeting.

Jeff: Oh I think I know the one you're going to talk about. You asked him, tell me a time at a previous job where you went above and beyond the call of duty for work.

Kristen: The call of duty for work.

Jeff: You did more than you were asked to do.

Kristen: Yes.

Jeff: What did he say?

Kristen: He kind of looked up at the ceiling for a minute straight. I thought he just didn't hear me. He snapped his head back and he was like, "Can I pass?"

Dustin: This is not a game show.

Kristen: I told him we'd go back to it.

Dustin: This is not a game show.

Kristen: No we never made it back to it.

Dustin: Jeff, if somebody asks you, before Death Wish of course, your greatest accomplishment, what would your answer be?

Jeff: This is in life correct? My greatest accomplishment in life before Death Wish. I would have to say it would be interviewing one of my favorite musicians, and about one of my favorite bands, and having the publication picked up by Blabbermouth, and Rolling Stone, and everything else. That was Vinnie Paul, the drummer of Pantera, but now of the band Hellyeah.

Dustin: That got picked up in also the Korn guy there.

Jeff: Yeah I did. I interviewed Head from Korn.

Dustin: Head from Korn.

Jeff: Yes. Brian Welch there, that was a big interview too, but that was two of my biggest accomplishments probably before working here.

Dustin: Nice.

Jeff: How about you, how about you?

Dustin: I can fit like 28 grapes in my mouth without choking.

Jeff: Nice. Wow that's ...

Kristen: That's good, I can fit 24 mini marshmallows in mine.

Dustin: Mini marshmallows. Like how many? The little mini hot chocolate marshmallows or?

Kristen: No. The medium ones I guess.

Jeff: I can fit 92 coffee beans in my mouth.

Dustin: Oh yeah that was gross. Yeah but you choked.

Jeff: I did. I chewed them, it was very caffeinated, but I was alright. Were you a coffee drinker before you started working here?

Kristen: Yes. Yes. I wouldn't say that it was real coffee now. I used to ...

Jeff: Were you the Starbucks?

Kristen: I wasn't even a Star, I was the Dunkin.

Jeff: Oh yeah. No that's not real coffee.

Dustin: I don't like Starbucks coffee. You can get good Starbucks coffee.

Kristen: I like Starbucks.

Jeff: You can, but in the same respect when people say oh I drink a lot of Dunkin. You're not drinking coffee, you're drinking other things. A lot of people go to Starbucks, you can get good coffee at Starbucks, but a lot of people go to Starbucks and get the coffee with the thing, and the thing, and the thing, and the thing. By the time you're done ordering it, the coffee's at the bottom of the cup and then all the sugar and all the other stuff.

Dustin: I was just hearing on how they have, Starbucks has a deal with I think it's like the dairy farmers of America, to work exclusively with them because they sell more milk than they do coffee.

Jeff: I'm sure they do.

Kristen: Yeah that makes sense.

Dustin: That's insane. That's insane.

Jeff: So you were a Dunkin drinker, and now, now that you work here.

Dustin: Remember when Dunkin was all the rage for coffee?

Jeff: America runs on it apparently.

Kristen: Not anymore.

Dustin: I think their coffee got shitty, right? Or were we all just hypnotized before?

Jeff: I think we were all just hypnotized before. Personally speaking, I think that looking at the landscape of consumable products now, not just even coffee, America itself has made a shift in just the last year on this whole I'm going to get rid of all the, I'm going to cut the fat from everything I do. I want to be more health conscious, that's why everybody's got fair trade, and organic, yes Death Wish does too, but everybody has those buzz words on their stuff. No GMO's and we're healthy for you, and the healthiest pickle you can possibly buy and all that kind of stuff.

Dustin: Fitbit.

Jeff: I think that is why people are starting to back away from something like Dunkin. I mean Dunkin Donuts, don't get me wrong, it's a great business model, but it's donuts and coffee. I mean it's not healthy, you know for a fact, it's like going to McDonald's. You know for a fact you're not being healthy. I don't care if you order a salad from McDonald's, it's not.

Kristen: Which is a little ironic that a lot of them are attached to a Planet Fitness.

Jeff: It is very ironic.

Dustin: They use the same colors too. I once heard ...

Kristen: You can smell it when you're on the treadmill.

Dustin: That's gross.

Jeff: So weird.

Dustin: I once heard that getting a salad from McDonald's is like getting a hug from a hooker.

Jeff: I like that. I like that a lot actually.

Dustin: All right, so we ask everybody this and this is the toughest question of all. Are you prepared?

Kristen: I'm ready.

Dustin: Death Wish or Valhalla Java?

Kristen: Death Wish.

Jeff: Yeah. Without even thinking about it.

Kristen: Yeah. For sure.

Dustin: Any particular reason?

Kristen: I don't know. I just like the flavor of Death Wish better.

Dustin: Me too.

Jeff: Me too.

Dustin: Although I like to switch it up sometimes. You drink too much of anything and you want to just switch it up.

Kristen: Right.

Dustin: I think Valhalla Java is good to like, oh wow I really like Valhalla Java and then you're like no I'm bored of this too now, let's go back to Death Wish.

Kristen: Yeah, yup for sure.

Jeff: They both work very well together. I like having the option, you know. I think that's really good. You're one of the few who was immediate.

Dustin: Yeah I think we had like two or three people that were like well, if you want, it's like no it's one or the other.

Jeff: One of the other so Death Wish it is. This company has definitely made some strides since you've been here in the year. We've gotten into a lot of different things. I like to ask employees this question, especially someone like you who sees a lot of what you're doing go out and you're paying for a lot of it too, because you're paying for the vendors or cutting the checks for travel or whatever. Are there areas that you think we haven't touched in in life that Death Wish Coffee would be good for? Do you think there's places, I ask this in the sense, do you think there's places that Death Wish Coffee could influence or could be a good fit for that we haven't actually tried. Because we've tried some crazy stuff. We've had a NASCAR, and we made a comic book and we've done all these things that you wouldn't necessarily see a coffee company do.

Kristen: That one I think I'd really have to think about.

Jeff: Yeah.

Kristen: I think a lot of the jobs in particular, that I think that it would pertain to that could touch their lives were brought out a lot in the grinded out campaign.

Jeff: I agree. I definitely agree.

Kristen: I think that they touched a lot of cases that even I didn't think of. Especially the hair salon. With that is another industry that a lot of people don't know what goes into that. That's a lot of long hours on your feet, all day long. I used to work at one and even being a receptionist was super stressful there.

Jeff: Right.

Kristen: That's where I was Hazel.

Jeff: Yes, your nickname Hazel.

Dustin: It was a hair salon.

Jeff: It was a hair salon.

Kristen: Yes.

Jeff: That's what it said on the front of the building. Honestly, going towards that a little bit with the hair salon angle, Dustin you actually brought up another employee that we had on the podcast, Alyssa, we asked this question to her too and I'd be curious to hear what you think, do you think that we have Death Wish Coffee, especially with our aesthetic, and what we really try to do. The World's strongest coffee company, do you think we would have a place in the fashion world? Do you think that we can bridge that gap?

Kristen: I think we can for sure.

Jeff: Yeah.

Kristen: Yeah.

Dustin: Death Wish Coffee make up maybe?

Kristen: Yeah I mean.

Jeff: Coffee scrubs are a thing right?

Kristen: They are. Yup. They help cellulite. I mean caffeine under your eyes is good for dark circles.

Jeff: It might be something to think about. I mean we have ...

Dustin: You know blow coffee in your eyeballs. That's all you need.

Kristen: There you go.

Jeff: We have actually started our own, I guess, fashion aesthetic. Black, the skull and crossbones and all that kind of stuff, but it's interesting when I think about it from the industry at large. You know because you do, even if you're thinking about just in the fashion world and the beautiful women and men walking down the runway at a fashion event. You have all their hair people, all their make up people, the photographers that are involved in it, the people who are running the event, the people who are attending the event, and then the models and everything. There's a huge industry that all have to put in long hours, all are working really hard and you'll probably benefit from coffee.
I'd like to see some Death Wish Coffee going down the runway some day.

Dustin: I want to see like, you know how they always have those horrible, ugly dresses. It's a thing. How ugly can we make these dresses? I think Alyssa was showing us some pictures from a fashion show and there was literally like ...

Jeff: From fashion week, yeah.

Dustin: Five dresses that were vagina dresses. They were wearing vaginas, but I want to see a model walk down in a Death Wish bag. Just a sack.

Jeff: In a bag? Is that because you designed the bag? You could have a designer credit on that.

Kristen: Yes. There you go. He's into it.

Jeff: So you could fashion designer on your business card. You love it. Name in lights.

Dustin: Think of it now.

Jeff: I love it. I love it.

Kristen: I'll wear the bag.

Dustin: We'll all wear the bag.

Jeff: That's too funny.

Dustin: Dress code.

Kristen: That could be cool. Especially with the models and all their, you know they have a lot of dieting they do for that too, and I mean a lot of people that are into fitness or whatnot, go with the coffee.

Dustin: I'll tell you with experience on a limited diet, coffee is the best thing in the world. It's like oh my God because it's like, a lot of times with restricted diets you don't get a whole lot of flavor. You dig into a cup of coffee and it's like oh thank God. I remember what everything tastes like again.

Jeff: Yeah. This is the question that we always gravitate to and it's very interesting when we get to ask employees this, now that you've been here for over a year, and I mean obviously your job has grown to the point where you're putting in that much more work and doing that many more things, and you're coming back every single day and managing the entire office. What fuels you do to keep doing that, what fuels you to continue to be an employee?

Dustin: And put up with our shit.

Jeff: And put up with us basically, yeah.

Kristen: Honestly I would say, from one perspective it's fun. Everyone gets along so well and it's almost like working with a group of friends. There's that, and on the other hand, I would say progression. This is, I think the first job I've had that I didn't know anything about anything I was doing when I started. To keep having more things added to my list, that looks good on my resume. It's nice to get the experience.

Dustin: It's also fun. It also makes the time go by really quick when you're learning stuff constantly. It doesn't get boring, ever.

Kristen: Right. Yup. Especially when it's things that you don't mind learning about.

Dustin: Yeah.

Jeff: Yeah. We've talked about that a lot on this podcast with various employees too is that what's so interesting about this company is that it is built on the backs of people who've never done it before. Go back to episode 17, with Mike Brown, our fearless leader. He literally was an accountant and was like, "I don't want to be an accountant anymore, maybe I'll start a coffee shop," and had never done it.

Dustin: Anybody who breaks the mold always comes from the outside.

Jeff: Right.

Dustin: It's not like a hotel company came up with Airbnb. It's somebody from the outside who had a viewpoint that all these guys on the inside were sweating over numbers, and how can we cut this, and they're too close to it. Where all of us, we're coming from the outside with fresh perspectives and new ideas. I think that goes a long way.

Jeff: I think so too. I think it also goes a long way towards somebody like you, who on your business card it says you're the office manager, but you have so many other facets to that jobs, that you've learned on the job. I mean, I know me speaking from experience, there are things I've learned on this job that I now do on a daily basis, that I'm proud of that I can do. And I can do, that I know how to do that I learned to do that. Do you feel the same way?

Kristen: For sure. Especially when we had [D'Aja 00:27:58] here.

Jeff: Our intern?

Kristen: Interning. Yup. It was cool to be able to teach her something that I learned here.

Jeff: Yeah.

Kristen: It's always nice to be able to teach someone something else. I mean, especially when I first came here, when I first started to learn that nobody else had been in their positions either, one person in particular, [T'aia 00:28:20], actually grabbed my attention because she is younger than I am and she knows so much. Just to listen to her talk about it is very fascinating to me because she's super smart, and I know that she learned a lot of that just on her own.

Jeff: Yeah just on her feet, on this job. It's pretty incredible. Outside of the job though, what do you like to do for fun? Do you have any hobbies or anything that you can't wait to do when you're not here kind of thing?

Dustin: Besides getting blasted at log bay.

Jeff: Yeah I was going to say, we already know about that one.

Kristen: That didn't happen this year.

Jeff: Aww.

Kristen: Because they didn't have log bay day this year.

Dustin: Oh really, maybe they're just sick of people getting drunk and dying out in the water.

Jeff: That's kind of the truth.

Kristen: Yeah it is.

Dustin: Geez, sorry. Not to bring it down at all, but.

Kristen: Anyways, yeah I like to dye my hair.

Jeff: Yup, which you just did and it looks absolutely amazing.

Kristen: Thank you.

Jeff: You're welcome.

Kristen: That's always fun. I like going to concerts. I like doing anything in the water. I like going on my friends boat. Pretty much any kind of summer activity that you can do outside I'm all for.

Jeff: I'm kind of the same way. I'll even find out if you're even close like this, are you not a winter person?

Kristen: I hate winter.

Jeff: Me too. I hibernate. I'm not a skier.

Dustin: Really? I love winter. It kills, there's no bugs. There's no people. You go out after a snowstorm and it's quiet. Not even sound travels because everything's insulated by snow. I think it's an amazing thing.

Jeff: Then I have to shovel the walk, and clean my car off, and get cold.

Dustin: That's, I've always ended up renting places that somebody takes care of all that. This is for like the last 10 years so I haven't had to worry about that in a long time.

Jeff: That's nice.

Kristen: Yeah I can't remember the last time I shoveled either, but I personally don't like driving in it. I don't like driving in it. I don't like cold. I don't like being cold. I don't mind looking at it if I'm inside and I'm warm, and I'm looking through a window.

Jeff: Right. I'm with you. I'm totally with you on that.

Kristen: Maybe if I could snowboard, but I can't.

Jeff: Nah.

Dustin: What do you mean nah?

Jeff: Nah.

Dustin: What do you mean nah?

Jeff: Nah. Who wants to snowboard?

Dustin: What do you mean, who wants to? Dude it's the closest thing to dancing in the clouds.

Kristen: I mean drunk tubing is always fun.

Jeff: Drunk tubing is very fun, drunk anything in the winter is fun because at least you're warm.

Kristen: Right. Exactly. That was what I was getting at.

Jeff: Yeah for sure.

Dustin: I feel like, God, just having a warm cocktail in the winter, by a fireplace, is like the best thing in the world.

Jeff: It really is.

Dustin: Like a hot toddy by the fire, it's steaming and your hands are cold but you're holding it, it's warming up your fingers. I don't know. You need the ying with the yang.

Jeff: I get it. I totally understand that.

Kristen: Yeah I can see it.

Dustin: I win.

Jeff: You win. You win. You win.

Kristen: But you're wrong.

Dustin: But you're wrong.

Jeff: Well I want to thank you so much for taking time to talk with us on the podcast. We did touch a little bit on your social media presence. Is there anything you'd want to shout out for people to follow you or are you more private on social?

Kristen: Feel free to follow me. I have a ton of friends on Facebook because all I used to do was accept, accept, accept.

Jeff: What's your full name on Facebook?

Kristen: It is Kristen Underwood.

Jeff: All right, all right. There you go. If you want to follow our awesome office manager, that's how to do it. Man, yeah. This was a lot of fun. Thank you so much.

Dustin: Thank you.

Kristen: Thank you.

Dustin: Yeah cheers everybody.