Fueled By Death Cast Ep. 113 - DAVE AND JES HUDAK

Dave and Jes Hudak brushing their teeth while holding their daughter


"That's the struggle most of the times and some people will find your art and like it and continue on. That's the good thing about L.A. because in L.A., everyone's here for the same goal in a way." Dave Hudak

"Finding your people, finding your freaks and stuff. To me, that's the most important thing in life is you can waste so much of your time trying to vibe with people who aren't your vibe and trying to do things that aren't your thing." Jes Hudak






This week we welcome the amazing duo of Dave and Jes Hudak to the show. Dave and Jes moved from New York City to Los Angeles to raise a family and continue to pursue their dreams. Dave is a comic and actor, who has worked on stages on both coasts of the country honing his unique brand of comedy. Jes is an accomplished musician who sang and played on her first record as a young teenager, has appeared on Bravo’s reality show Platinum Hit, and continues to write, perform and teach music. Their story is all of our stories - to find their passion and let it fuel them to success.


This week on science we check in with some of our favorite spacecraft. A new giant storm has been detected on Jupiter by Juno, the Curiosity Rover is being upgraded six years into its mission on Mars, and the Parker Solar Probe has made its first orbit around our Sun. Then meet Death Star of the Week James Coffman. We got a special surprise from NASA astronaut Don Pettit, we rundown some incredible new Valhalla Java merchandise that is Zakk Wylde approved, and part 2 of our Valentine's Day roast.


Jes Hudak: ... death wish.

Jeff: This is Death Wist.

Dustin: Well murder comes definitely with it, right?

Jeff: We all wish for it at one point.

Dustin: I hope this is like Pete Holmes' podcast, where this is it right now.

Jes Hudak: Is it-

Dustin: We're just starting right now and no one knows it, right?

Jeff: Yeah, being-

Jes Hudak: I think it probably is.

Jeff: I mean-

Jes Hudak: I'm gonna go with that's exactly what's happening.

Dustin: We'll edit out that part when I said another name's podcast, because you don't wanna promote any other thing besides your own.

Jeff: Especially Pete Holmes.

Jes Hudak: He's like, I listen to every podcast and they usually just start recording, but you guys aren't gonna do that [crosstalk 00:00:32].

Dustin: That's crazy.

Jeff: That is crazy.

Dustin: I like to just hit the record button early. There are times when I just fucking forget to hit the record button.

Jeff: It is the truth.

Dustin: It's happened.

Dave Hudak: Oh, hello! Thirty minutes in. No recording.

Jeff: L.A. is a magical place. This is Dustin's first time in California and my first time in L.A. actually.

Dave Hudak: Welcome to the land of things.

Jeff: It is, there's also stuff.

Dustin: I don't know, for some reason as a kid I imagined it was the place I was gonna end up.

Dave Hudak: Oh, really? Yeah?

Dustin: I guess that's what you do. Not necessarily L.A. but California. You just wanna go to California. I grew up in a small town and it fucking sucked.

Dave Hudak: Yeah, you just get sick of that East Coast weather too where it's just like oh my god, these winters are horrible, these summers are horrible. It's beautiful right now. It's like 85.

Dustin: Is it like this all the time here?

Dave Hudak: No, it was like 105 two weeks ago.

Dustin: Really?

Jes Hudak: Yeah, it's the desert. It gets hot.

Dave Hudak: Especially in the valley here.

Jes Hudak: And then at night, it gets chillier and then the next day it's hot again.

Dave Hudak: It's semi-hot at night.

Jes Hudak: It's science.

Dustin: It's that dry heat. It's not the same.

Jes Hudak: It's very different.

Jeff: Outside of the heat though, what do you guys think is the biggest difference from living in New York City for awhile to living in L.A. and that's complete the dichotomy.

Dave Hudak: That's gonna be Jes's first go.

Jes Hudak: Well, it-

Dave Hudak: This sounds like you.

Jes Hudak: It's very different. Just in my industry and what I do, doing musics ...

Jeff: Muzak.

Jes Hudak: Music, yeah, 'cause I had lived in L.A. before and I got a lot of good stuff done here, but I wasn't fully living it. I never really felt like it was my life. There was people in my life influencing me and I was a lot younger then, in my 20s like an idiot, listening to what people tell me I should do.

Jes Hudak: Then you turn 30 and you're like fuck you, I'm gonna do what I fucking want!

Dustin: Totally!

Jes Hudak: I had been here before and I was like, I hate it there, it's the worst and then we moved to ... I moved back to Saratoga, met Dave, got married, moved down to Brooklyn, and I was like, I have such a good network in Brooklyn of people there that are gonna help me and stuff.

Jes Hudak: But no, my best friend Kim lives there and then my other friend Emmett who also just moved to L.A. There goes, and she has plans to move as well. It's just one of those things like the New York scene for music, everyone is so caught up in their own hustle that it's not really a supportive, let's figure out how we can do something together, oh you're awesome at that, I know people who could use your skills.

Jes Hudak: Whereas in L.A., everyone's like how can we, what do you do? Should we do things? Ooh, let's get coffee.

Dustin: I heard it's kinda fake though.

Jes Hudak: It can be, but you can tell after certain times. There's times where I'm like I know that, sure, I'll have coffee with this person and maybe we'll have a nice conversation, maybe I'll influence them in some way, maybe we'll learn something from each other and you can tell.

Jes Hudak: But you have to know that going in and not be like I have coffee with this person set up and it's gonna be life changing. Be like, nah, I'm gonna go drink coffee and-

Dave Hudak: Chill out.

Jes Hudak: Chill and maybe-

Dave Hudak: We'll see where it goes.

Jes Hudak: You'll vibe or not. But luckily, my network from before when I lived in L.A. is super crushing it, super awesome, and it was like I was in such a fog of negativity last time that I didn't realize how awesome my friends were. Now that I'm back, it's like oh, duh.

Jeff: From your side of the industry of comedy, is it the same? Is it constant flux from east coast to west coast?

Dave Hudak: The different is I wanna say New York and L.A., it's funny because New York ... When you get a job, it's kinda hard when people kinda help you unless you're already in the upper echelons because when you get a job, you're taking away money 'cause in New York, it's such a fucking struggle.

Jeff: Yeah.

Dave Hudak: It's rough. You go to New York to be an artist.

Jeff: Why is it rough?

Dave Hudak: I wanna say because in New York, you're an artist. I believe in New York, people go there really to get away from where they are, find themselves, do what they do, find their voice, and then 'cause New York is an art town, it's built upon artistic expressions.

Dave Hudak: You'll get across the board, everything, 'cause in comedy in New York, even in L.A., but in New York, you'll see more mix. You'll see a drag queen on a show. You'll just have a mixed hodge podge of acts.

Dave Hudak: You'll get it out here, but it seems like in New York, on those shows, everyone's just having a fun time 'cause they're art. They're performing their art. It's a little community. But yet, you still are taking money out of someone's mouth if you get gig and they don't get a gig.

Jeff: Right.

Dave Hudak: That person might not be able to pay their rent. We don't appreciate the art as much as we should-

Jeff: That's true.

Dave Hudak: In this country in a way or whatever or just in humanity, I should say.

Jeff: I would say it in this country.

Dave Hudak: Yeah.

Jeff: I've talked to musicians, I've talked to entertainers, I've talked to comedians and almost across the board, it's not that people don't like performing in America, it's that people don't like to go to performances in America.

Dave Hudak: Yeah.

Jeff: In Europe, in Asia, it's always talked about how art is much more appreciated.

Dave Hudak: Of course.

Jes Hudak: Absolutely.

Jeff: I feel like ...

Dave Hudak: They pay people to be artists.

Jeff: Exactly. I feel like Americans are just like art exists, it's there.

Dave Hudak: The art is a thing that should be and it's an expression of humanity 'cause art isn't art, just an expression of humanity. Yes, it's always been tied into say Medici family of the dark ages where it's like the money is providing art to Michelangelo and to Donatello and all those guys.

Dave Hudak: But the truth is, art still comes from a visceral, poor place.

Dustin: It's true.

Dave Hudak: That's the struggle most of the times and some people will find your art and like it and continue on. That's the good thing about L.A. because in L.A., everyone's here for the same goal in a way. And so, they're willing to help because you or you can do something that can help. You'll do something that will lead you somewhere.

Dave Hudak: Just because they're your friends or whatever, they might not be as talented or whatever, but that's still a little helpful community you have because why, they'll be like we're gonna reach out, we like you. What are you gonna do? Let's have some fun.

Jeff: Yeah.

Dave Hudak: It's everywhere, but here in L.A., it's like you do that, your group comes together. You all kinda rise together. Everywhere, all your talent kinda floats together and it all happens at different times. That's why you see a group of people, all of the sudden your John Mulaneys, all those guys who came up together in the SNL or around comedy, Rafiki style back in the rday.

Jeff: Yeah.

Dave Hudak: And then they kinda build up all together, they're one community. Then the next community comes up. That community still kinda helps another community.

Jes Hudak: Wait, did you just call Rififi, Rafiki?

Dave Hudak: Rafiki.

Jes Hudak: Which I'm pretty sure ... Isn't Rafiki the ...

Jeff: The monkey from Lion King.

Jes Hudak: Yeah, not to be confused with Rafifi, the well known comedy venue in New York.

Dustin: That is the most comedic performance of any animated monkey ever.

Jeff: It's kinda true.

Dave Hudak: That's true, he was pretty funny.

Jes Hudak: I have a lot of thoughts on what you were saying about America, it's different the way the arts are viewed because I've done a lot of coaching and teaching on the isle of Staten, the magical Staten Island.

Dave Hudak: It is very magical.

Jeff: Yes.

Dave Hudak: Dead things everywhere.

Jes Hudak: If anybody's listening from Staten Island, what's up? I love you. It's okay to do music. Wait, it's okay to do music and it's okay to do something creative. It's okay.

Dave Hudak: It's okay to get off the island of Staten and go into Manhattan.

Jes Hudak: It's okay to drive over the Verrazano Bridge and go do your life. Do your art, do your life! Because it's almost like heightened that area. Staten Island, very sheltered, strange that it's even part of New York City but it's almost like a very exaggerated version of this attitude.

Jes Hudak: Because I would have students, a lot of teenagers, and they would come in and they would be like, "Well, I wanna do music as a career but everybody in my family says you can't and they're just kinda humoring me." Or they'd be like ...

Jes Hudak: One artist I worked with, he wants to fucking blow his brains out everyday because he has to do construction because it's like working for my stepdad and he hates it. He is a sensitive soul. He is an artist and everyday, he has to go fucking manual labor and just hates it.

Jes Hudak: It's like in that realm, when you have a job or own your own company, that's making it and arts, you can't do. Kids that sit there and be like, you can't do ... Well, I'm just nervous about it because you can't do it as a career and I'm like you're sitting here talking to somebody who does music as a career.

Jes Hudak: I'm not known or anything, like some in the Philippines and Australia, I'm real hot.

Dave Hudak: Oh, you're super hot in the Philippines. All Filipino action up here.

Jes Hudak: I'm doing music as a career.

Dave Hudak: Yeah.

Jes Hudak: You're sitting here talking to a person who's doing that and you're telling me that it can't be done. It's one of those things and this is why a lot of times, I'm drawn to British male singers.

Jes Hudak: I'm like, they're so talented, they're so trained. Listen to every male voice I hear that I like, they're British and it's because in England, that is a craft that is supported and treated like an actual ... Go to school for it and it's not like oh my god, you're going to music school, you're such a rebel.

Jes Hudak: It's like, oh, you found something you're good at and you're gonna pursue it and be really trained and professional at it? Good for you.

Dustin: Yeah!

Jes Hudak: When I would show that to kids and they'd realize, oh, why Sam Smith? You hear how good his voice is 'cause it's nurtured in a much different way than in America. In America, it's not cool for boys to sing in high school.

Dustin: Yes!

Jes Hudak: It's like, not ...

Dave Hudak: It's not cool for boys to do anything in art.

Jes Hudak: But then it's like when guys are in bands, all girls are obsessed with them so it's this whole weird realm [crosstalk 00:10:38]. You can be a toothless hunchback, you play a ripping guitar solo on stage, every girl will wanna suck your ... Toenails.

Dave Hudak: Toenails.

Jeff: It's true! One thing about art though that is universal is that it inspires.

Dave Hudak: Of course.

Jeff: For both of you and starting with you, Jes, I wanna know what inspired you to pursue music? Where did that begin in your life?

Jes Hudak: Oh, well, I mean, it just never ... There was never a time when it wasn't there. I was just always, since I was little, I like to sing and I like to dance. I played "Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda", I played piano and sang it at my fourth grade talent show.

Jes Hudak: Looking back, I'm like, I was so much better at the stage craft then because I dressed in camp gear with a little fishing hat. I brought a fishing pole up and just leaned it against the piano, then played. I'm like, why don't I do ... Let me glue some flowers to my piano. Let me [crosstalk 00:11:39]

Dustin: Why don't you do shit like that?

Jes Hudak: It was always a thing and it was one of those things like in high school, I made a record when I was 14.

Dustin: Oh yeah.

Jes Hudak: I would play open mic night. Café Lena, shout out, Café Lena!

Dustin: Definitely, definitely.

Jes Hudak: Oldest continuously run coffee house in the country.

Dave Hudak: Can we talk about your Jewel story now since we said Café Lena?

Jes Hudak: My Jewel story. She's great. I was on a TV show with Jewel and she was ...

Dave Hudak: Great.

Jes Hudak: Anyway.

Dustin: You can't do that! Not just for our listeners, I don't know the story.

Dave Hudak: I'll finish the rest of the story. I'm gonna finish the story as her dad would finish the story.

Jeff: Okay.

Jes Hudak: She really pissed my dad off.

Dave Hudak: Yeah, she really pissed her dad off. Her dad even wrote a letter but never sent it.

Jes Hudak: I was like, dad, you need to not read blogs.

Dustin: Oh no.

Dave Hudak: We're gonna get some deep [crosstalk 00:12:28].

Jes Hudak: We're gonna be shunned by the music community of Jewel if we continue this story.

Dave Hudak: Who's gonna save her soul for you, right?

Jes Hudak: Crushing it, Dave, with the comedy, ladies and gentlemen.

Dave Hudak: What can I say? I know dad jokes. I'm a comedienne. What's the [crosstalk 00:12:46]. There it is. Two times.

Jes Hudak: No. Jewel, I was on this TV show called Platinum Hit on Bravo. It was a songwriting competition, I came in second, a confetti cannon went off in my face and I didn't win $100,000. That's what I always say.

Dustin: Wait, why did a confetti cannon go off in your face?

Jes Hudak: Because I came in second.

Dustin: You get the confetti cannon if you go in-

Jes Hudak: There's two people at the end finale of the show and they're saying, "And the winner of Platinum Hit is ..."

Dustin: Not you!

Jes Hudak: And then they say the name and confetti explodes and champagne and all this stuff.

Dave Hudak: You gotta still stay up there and just get bukakied with confetti.

Jes Hudak: It was one of those things like it's a reality show, so that's a whole other topic of how they torment you as a human being just to get reactions out of you. Jewel said some really fucked up things to me.

Dustin: Oh no.

Jes Hudak: And was really mean to me.

Dave Hudak: Wait, when she said, "You gotta pony up."

Jes Hudak: Oh, that was edited sometime later because she never actually said that.

Dave Hudak: Oh, she didn't?

Jes Hudak: To me, because you can't say that to somebody who is sick because the crew-

Dave Hudak: Poisoned them to death?

Jes Hudak: The staff has malnourished and poisoned you.

Dave Hudak: My wife has a lot of conversation threads here. [crosstalk 00:13:54] First of all, Jes is allergic to everything.

Jes Hudak: Let's not talk about this-

Dave Hudak: Well, it's part of it.

Jes Hudak: Let me finish this quickly because okay. I got sick, I had to write a whole goddamn song by myself because the other girl I was with was not a very helpful companion in a writing session.

Dave Hudak: Shout out!

Jes Hudak: I was super sick, passed out basically in between lines, I'd be like go to the A card, and then they were like [inaudible 00:14:22] and when I was 14, Jewel was supposed to play at Café Lena and I got tickets and I was excited and then she canceled it because she got drunk with the dude who ran Café Lena before.

Dustin: Pony up.

Dave Hudak: But guess what, not only did she get drunk with the guy before-

Jes Hudak: Dave! This is all-

Dave Hudak: She did something that maybe only a finger in a butthole might tell you something. I'm gonna leave it-

Jes Hudak: That's all rumors.

Dave Hudak: Allegedly, Jewel had sex with the guy from Café Lena and couldn't perform 'cause she got so drunk and got so banged.

Jeff: Best episode ever.

Dave Hudak: Guess what? Jewel couldn't pony up the next day.

Jes Hudak: Cowboy up. That's what it said. It was like, "Jes, you need to cowboy up. Sometimes in writing sessions, you need to be able to turn it on." It's like, yeah, and also in the real world, you get to go home at night, you get to call your mom, you get to shit in your own fucking toilet.

Dave Hudak: It makes a big difference.

Jes Hudak: It does.

Dave Hudak: Makes a huge difference.

Jes Hudak: Anyway, I don't know where the whole point of that, it was such a tangent.

Dave Hudak: It really was a tangent.

Jes Hudak: But the whole is my whole life, this is the only thing I've ever done.

Dustin: Right.

Dave Hudak: This is my fault.

Jes Hudak: I've never not wanted to do music and there comes a certain point where you're like what is my goal with music and mine is to make money to have enough comfort for my family.

Dave Hudak: So her husband doesn't have to work so I can do comedy.

Jes Hudak: I have to do music and voice stuff or I want to blow my brains out and I've tried doing other things and if I don't do it, it makes me miserable. But when I'm doing it and voice over stuff and demo vocals and stuff, I'm the happiest person.

Jeff: Do what makes you happy.

Jes Hudak: That's all I care about. I do not care about fame or anything.

Jeff: Pursue it to the end of the earth, 100%.

Dustin: Who did we just talk to that quoted Bukowski? Oh, it was Sloane.

Jeff: Sloane.

Dustin: Yeah. Find what you love and-

Jeff: Let it kill you.

Dustin: Let it kill you, something like that.

Jeff: Yeah. I gotta ask though. You said that 4th grade, fishing pole against your piano-

Jes Hudak: It started so innocent and then it went so terribly ...

Jeff: I have to ask though. At that moment, you're on stage. Are you just a stage performer born and bred? There was never-

Jes Hudak: There was never ooh, I should do this. It was like of course I'm doing this, this is what I do. That's all.

Jeff: It's in your blood.

Jes Hudak: We moved from New Jersey to Saratoga Springs. I had Café Lena open mic night, I went every Thursday. I'll never forget it. I saw this girl Claire play piano, classic, upstate New York white girl with dreads, backless napkin of a shirt. She just sat and played instrumental piano pieces that she had written and I was like, oh, I do that.

Jes Hudak: I didn't know that was writing. I just thought I was ... I wrote my first little instrumental thing. I wrote an alternate melody to Heart & Soul when I was in 4th grade. I didn't realize I was writing. I was like this also goes with it and it's different.

Jes Hudak: I saw her and then every week after that, I started doing instrumental piano and then I started playing Tori Amos songs 'cause, hi.

Jeff: Yeah, of course.

Jes Hudak: Hey, junior high, it's great. And then I started writing songs with lyrics and every week, I would try to write a new song for open mic night. By the time in eighth grade, I had enough for a record and this artist in residence, John Nezeranko, we all love him.

Jeff: Wait, who's John Nezeranko?

Jes Hudak: He made my record.

Dustin: Wow, really?

Jes Hudak: He made my record in Skylarville.

Dave Hudak: Sure did.

Dustin: Wow, I interned with him and he helped build the studio in Skylarville that we had there.

Jes Hudak: Yes, John Nezeranko made my first record when I was 14.

Dustin: Wow, that's crazy. That's crazy.

Jes Hudak: It's a terrible album.

Dave Hudak: Which one?

Jes Hudak: My voice is so terrible.

Dave Hudak: You wanna give them, you got a couple.

Jeff: I, honest to God, still have a copy. Still have a copy.

Dave Hudak: We have five copies over there.

Jes Hudak: We should talk about your wife.

Jeff: Yeah?

Jes Hudak: First person that was nice to me, said any words to me on my first day of school in Saratoga, seventh grade. We were both wearing plaid flannel shirts, we both kind of looked like Eddie Vedder girl, puberty.

Jes Hudak: Everybody else in Saratoga, if you know Saratoga, was in Abercrombie polos-

Jeff: Oh yeah.

Jes Hudak: And just raging douches.

Jeff: Yes.

Jes Hudak: Especially in seventh grade. The worst humans on earth are seventh graders.

Jeff: And especially seventh grade girls.

Jes Hudak: Yeah.

Jeff: It's a whole other world.

Jes Hudak: I wouldn't hold hands in the hallway and they would laugh at me and call me prude. I was like, mom, they called me prude today at school. She was like, "You're in seventh grade, good job. You're supposed to be prude."

Jeff: Exactly.

Jes Hudak: What else would you be?

Dustin: Wait, you were a prude in seventh grade?

Jes Hudak: Trish Eddy, shout out, she made me a necklace and it's fucking beautiful. Thank you. How did you guys meet?

Jeff: Trish and me? Well, it's funny. Obviously, we knew of each other in high school because fun story, actually, I sat behind Jes in music theory.

Dave Hudak: Oh really? Did you learn a lot?

Jeff: No.

Dave Hudak: No?

Jes Hudak: My junior prom date, who is coming to Ruby's birthday party tomorrow, Jesse Gavin-

Dave Hudak: Oh god, stop bringing him up! Goddamn it.

Jes Hudak: Was also in that class and that's how we became friends. [crosstalk 00:19:40]

Jeff: Trish and I knew each other in high school, but our circles ran together but we never really ran together. Then cut to probably six, seven years out of that, we reconnected through mutual friends and that was really the be all end all of it.

Jeff: We started working together up at Skidmore College and it was her second or third day working there and I was teaching her the ropes and everything and she did something, it was just something really innocuous, just a laugh or something like that. I was just like, I'm gonna marry her.

Jes Hudak: Done. Married.

Jeff: And I did, ha ha! Cha-ching.

Dave Hudak: I remember when this one walked in the bar.

Jeff: Yeah?

Dave Hudak: I do. Oh my god.

Dustin: Nine Maple?

Dave Hudak: Yeah, Nine Maple.

Dustin: Nice.

Dave Hudak: Of course, being a comedian, you always have to have another job because it doesn't pay until it pays, like everything.

Dustin: Wait, were you a comedian then in Saratoga too?

Dave Hudak: Yeah, actually, I started taking UCB classes. That's when I really started going-

Dustin: I never knew that.

Dave Hudak: Yeah, when I was in Saratoga, I started doing UCB.

Jeff: Bring it back. What brought you to comedy?

Dave Hudak: What brought me to comedy?

Jeff: Yeah, the same kind of thing.

Dave Hudak: Monotony. I've always been like ... There's always been humor. People say I'm funny, I don't believe it. It's just the way I talk, it's just the way I say things. I don't know.

Jes Hudak: I mean, I laugh at you.

Dave Hudak: People laugh at me which is good enough, I guess, as long as it's a response.

Jeff: Was there a moment in your young life where you wanted-

Dave Hudak: Of course.

Jeff: Where it switched and you wanted to pursue that?

Dave Hudak: The thing is I always loved film. I always wanted to make movies. I studied film. I studied movies and shit like that and went to New York Film Academy, did that shit.

Jeff: Yes.

Dave Hudak: But to make films. But the thing is, I always wanted to make film but looking back at my life, as a comedian, it's always bad but when you look back at your life, I realized I always watched comedy, all my life. It was always comedy was on my TV.

Dave Hudak: Even comedians I don't like nowadays but there were some that always stuck out. I would use to watch Andrew Dice Clay, loved him when I was a kid. Grow up, maybe grew out of him, but guess what? Still fucking loved him.

Dave Hudak: Steve Martin, Robin Williams as a kid even though I didn't understand half the shit, it's like Monty Python. I didn't understand half the shit but I loved it.

Dustin: He just talked funny.

Dave Hudak: Yeah, he's like, of course. Robin Williams was a fucking madman. I wish ... Fun fact, he died on my birthday. When I first moved to New York.

Jeff: Funny fact?

Dave Hudak: Fun fact.

Jeff: That was so much fun.

Jes Hudak: Welcome to Dave's humor.

Dave Hudak: Yeah, it's dark. A lot of it's very dark. It's a conversation most of the time.

Jeff: Comedy comes from a dark place.

Dave Hudak: Well, yeah. But that's where I got into comedy. All my life, I loved comedy. I've always been, I don't know, funny but silly. It's always silly. I'm more about silliness than anything 'cause to me, even the most darkest things are silly because it happens to everybody.

Dave Hudak: We have this disconnect of human beings sometimes that we don't realize we play the same story or stage play, Shakespeare, you know.

Jeff: Right, right.

Dave Hudak: All the same. It's the world's a stage, I'm paraphrasing. World's a stage, we're all fretting about it. Everyone comes in, does their thing, does comedy or does whatever they do-

Jes Hudak: I think that's verbatim.

Dustin: You nailed that.

Dave Hudak: Yeah, it's his early work.

Jes Hudak: Early draft.

Dave Hudak: It's young Billy Shakespeare. Billy Shakespeare is where I like to go from. But we live this life and where we go and living in a small town, especially ... I grew up even in a smaller town.

Dave Hudak: I grew up in one town over called Corinth which was a mountain town of people who only had three teeth because they broke it all on corn pretty much. I think they lost all their teeth on corn.

Jeff: They just came down from the mountain to grab more dirt to bring back up to the mountain.

Dave Hudak: Even higher. I don't know why, but they did it and it was terrible.

Dustin: It's so tough living in a little town like that-

Dave Hudak: It is, yeah.

Dustin: Because you don't even have a perspective of the outside world

Dave Hudak: No.

Dustin: Where did you catch that perspective of the outside world that made you just wanna get the fuck out?

Dave Hudak: I think it was just going to high school or just elementary school. There was something about just living that I looked at everyone around me and sometimes, I was just like what are you guys even fucking caring about or ... This is nonsense!

Dave Hudak: You're thinking about mundane things when there's such a bigger world picture. I've always had a bigger world picture. To me, it's about, we all live the same story but it's different 'cause we can't, like Einstein says in the theory of relativity, we can't see two trains pass.

Dave Hudak: They both sign the contract at the same time. I think I read this in some scientific book of physics that was supposed to be dumbed down for people. Two trains pass and they both signed the thing at the same exact time but the way the trains pass, you don't see the same signature.

Dave Hudak: It looks like say North Korea signed the treaty before Russia signed the treaty or whatever it is. Vice versa, the other person said, no, Russia signed it before we did so it's not equal. That's what life is. We live a same story.

Dave Hudak: We all live the same story, we all live the fucked up, same life. We all come from somewhere that might be kind of shady or weird and we live this life that we feel is so separate. The truth is though, it's not separate. We just have different stories that are the same story.

Dave Hudak: It's like a movie. They can make Marvel movies or any movie that's just a remake of the same movie over and over again 'cause it's the same story through a different perspective but that's why we're like, oh, it's so boring. But guess what? That's what life is. Life is really boring.

Dave Hudak: We have to make it fun. We have to find the absurdity of life. Why is life boring? There's a reason why life's boring. It's because ...

Dustin: You live in Corinth.

Dave Hudak: We live in Corinth, yeah. We live in Corinth, we live in a small, mountain town. There's a much bigger world we never see. Some people do. I always wanted to see an outside world. My thing is, knowing there's an outside world, knowing that we're all the same, it doesn't matter where you go.

Dave Hudak: You can live in a small town, you can live wherever. You'll find your freaks. The thing is finding your freaks. You gotta find your freaks 'cause your freaks are your people who are gonna be with you throughout your career.

Jes Hudak: Yeah, you gotta find your people.

Dave Hudak: You gotta find your people.

Jeff: Do you believe then by pursuing comedy, it's helped you see the world from a different lens?

Dave Hudak: I don't think comedy ever makes you see a world from a different lens. I think it makes you see it from a practical lens that you might not think is practical to other people until people start laughing at the same story 'cause they find it the same story.

Jeff: Do you think it's helped you find your freaks?

Dave Hudak: Did it help me find- I found some freaks along the way. Have I found my personal freaks yet? No, I don't wanna say I've found my personal freaks yet but I have found my freaks along who have tagged along the way.

Dave Hudak: But then again, as being a comedian and having trust issues with people, maybe I found my freaks and I never really found them. You know? Because it's a fucked up world out there man.

Jeff: It is.

Dave Hudak: I'm sorry, but ...

Jeff: It is.

Jes Hudak: It's a fucked up world and we all gotta live it. [crosstalk 00:26:44] Dave has a new, it's just funny 'cause I feel like one of your strongest and funniest forms of artistic expression is Instagram stories.

Jeff: I agree.

Jes Hudak: It's this new form but it's like everybody follow @unfunniestcomic on Instagram because it's one of those things where you'll spend all this time intricately making just a hilarious series of things. It's a new medium that ...

Dave Hudak: Like do jedis fart? I wanna know if a jedi farts. [crosstalk 00:27:14]

Jeff: By the way, your entire diatribe on jedis farting, hilarious.

Jes Hudak: You know what? People are listening like I've thought that too!

Dustin: Could they shoot their fart at one specific person?

Dave Hudak: But then again, they're also aliens, so do some aliens fart or do they not fart? Do the metachlorians hold your farts in 'cause metachlorians are canon?

Jeff: Are farts universal? I guess.

Jes Hudak: If anybody has any questions about canon on any topic of comics and stuff, just call in right now, 1-800-DeathWish. Dave will tie them all together.

Dave Hudak: First of all, Yoda will kill everybody with his farts. He's like 900 years old.

Jeff: Oh yeah, that's gotta be bad, right?

Dave Hudak: Like a dog farts but swampy.

Dustin: Oh, swampy dog farts. I think I smelled something like that once from my grandpa.

Jes Hudak: Dave talked about something that I just wanna touch on really quickly, about finding your people, finding your freaks and stuff. To me, that's the most important thing in life is you can waste so much of your time trying to vibe with people who aren't your vibe and trying to do things that aren't your thing.

Jes Hudak: I've gotten to the age now where it's like you feel it immediately if someone's your person. I've even met people who were like in a couple and I vibe super hard with one and don't have two words to say to the another. It's one of the things where you're like, it's my people.

Jes Hudak: That's, I think, a lot of times, people spend so much time in their life wasting it on people who aren't their people. They'll be like, I have friends who do this and they're like, "It's just this struggle" and it's like, 'cause they don't get you. Why waste any seconds?

Jes Hudak: I'm not a second waster. If I'm like oh, we've introduced each other and it's cool. You do music, I do music. I never wanna be in a room with you again.

Dustin: Why fuck around is what I always say?

Jes Hudak: Exactly. Why waste that time? Doesn't matter.

Dave Hudak: Life is too short to really fuck around.

Dustin: Yeah, seriously.

Dave Hudak: It really is. You gotta start cutting things out. If it's not good, you have to just cut it.

Dustin: I think this was yesterday, we were talking about it and we were just driving for so long and just kind of out of it. That legal substance here in California-

Jes Hudak: It's so legal.

Jeff: Coffee and ...

Dave Hudak: Just too much coffee.

Dustin: That's legal coffee in California, oh my god.

Jes Hudak: Don't be afraid to talk about legal weed on your Cali edition.

Jeff: Yeah, we're not.

Dave Hudak: We don't talk about weed in California.

Dustin: I said to Jeff, I was like, there's good things and bad things to every situation, but there's no side to saving time.

Dave Hudak: Yeah.

Dustin: Just saving time is all around a good thing-

Dave Hudak: Totally.

Dustin: Unless you start taking shortcuts of course. Like you said, so many people get caught up in the weirdest shit and it's like, why are you doing this?

Dave Hudak: 'Cause we're all fucked up, that's the reason why we get caught up in the weird shit, right?

Jes Hudak: People's desire to be liked and to be wanted and be like there's something that this person doesn't like about me, how do I win them over? I don't have the energy for that. I'm like, oh, you don't get my jokes? Bye.

Dave Hudak: I've never had energy for people to get them to like me.

Jes Hudak: I especially make as many jokes as possible that are weird around people to see who gets ...

Dustin: You're just testing the room.

Jes Hudak: I was [crosstalk 00:30:25]

Dave Hudak: You're in a group of people and only one person gets it.

Jes Hudak: The jokes! I was like come on guys! Jokes!

Dave Hudak: Sometimes I catch myself in the theater watching a movie and I'm the only one who bursts out laughing at a part. It's like, where is everybody?

Jes Hudak: Why is he laughing at the monkey rape?

Dave Hudak: Why are the zombies not laughing? I'm so lonely.

Jeff: From a standpoint of comedy, especially stand up comedy, is that something you use in practice? Do you try to subvert a room?

Dave Hudak: I think, I have to say sometimes when it comes to my comedy, I will see how angry I can get people and how much you can bring them back.

Dustin: Oh, interesting.

Dave Hudak: But the thing is, on shows I do, I do characters. It's not pure standup.

Jeff: But you're still interacting with an audience.

Dave Hudak: Yeah, it's more improv but I [inaudible 00:31:14] to say that the reaction you get from the group, you wanna ...

Jes Hudak: I think Dave likes making people uncomfortable.

Dave Hudak: I like making people uncomfortable. I find it sometimes funny when people don't laugh because for me, it's more of a joke for me. I know it's not good because it's my joke for myself and it's supposed to be a mass audience but sometimes, hey whatever, 'cause eventually someone will laugh at the same stupid joke.

Dustin: Bill Hicks used to do that all the time where he would just alienate the entire room, but I think it's [crosstalk 00:31:41].

Jeff: So would Andrew Dice Clay.

Dustin: I think that's just part of discovering your craft even more. You're digging into the deep corners that maybe nobody has discovered before.

Dave Hudak: Yeah, but also too with comedies now, especially nowadays, there's so much backlash in comedy but the thing is, comedy always has to be a pure form of punk rock. No matter what because why? Anything that makes you uncomfortable is comedy.

Dave Hudak: Like you might hear a joke or something that's off, like a dead baby joke or whatever, but that's mild compared to a Louis CK rape joke. But something like that, the off puttingness, the chuckle that you get from something that makes you uncomfortable is the reality of what's around us.

Jeff: The horrific is funny.

Dave Hudak: Of course.

Jeff: We had a comedian on this show last season, Ken Reed. He's actually a podcaster as well and he brought that up that he 100% believes and I do as well that horror breeds comedy and comedy breeds horror. They exist in that same realm and that's lost on a lot of people.

Jeff: You laugh because you're uncomfortable and you're uncomfortable because you're laughing sometimes.

Dave Hudak: Sometimes you're laughing 'cause you're quick enough to know where the weirdness is in that conversation.

Jeff: Right.

Dave Hudak: You're quicker than the people that are gonna laugh out of uncomfortableness.

Jeff: Right.

Dave Hudak: You get it for where it is versus from where you're feeling it.

Dustin: Or you've been uncomfortable for so long, you've learned how to laugh at everything like I do.

Dave Hudak: My mom always said if you don't know how to laugh at yourself, you're living life wrong.

Dustin: Of course.

Jes Hudak: Yeah, yeah, totally.

Dave Hudak: And I almost live by that and it makes everything funny. You get in a car accident and you're like, that's so typical.

Dustin: I've been in three.

Jes Hudak: That's very Dave.

Jeff: On top of that though, you've talked a lot about teaching.

Jes Hudak: Yeah.

Jeff: How long have you been teaching for?

Jes Hudak: Well, I'm one of those people that was always a natural teacher. In high school when the teacher was absent, they would have me teach class. I don't know what it is. I guess I like telling people what to do. But I don't really.

Jes Hudak: It's more so that I'm just ... I don't know what it is. And then-

Dave Hudak: Is that why I'm hot for teacher all the time?

Jes Hudak: Oh my god.

Dave Hudak: I'm sorry.

Jes Hudak: I will slap the shit out of your dick later. [crosstalk 00:33:56]

Dustin: More babies.

Dave Hudak: More babies!

Jes Hudak: But anyway, when we moved to New York, this woman, Laura Monaco, I love you, she found me on Twitter and she had watched Platinum Hit, so she was a fan of mine from the show and she randomly sent me an email and was like, "We've got a studio in Staten Island, we need someone who can teach voice and piano but also can song write and do vocal production."

Jes Hudak: I was like oh my god, that's all the things I do. I got all my vocal coach training from her but piano, I love teaching piano. It's really fun and teaching people how to read sheet music is one of my passions.

Jeff: Do you think it helps your career as well? Does it help? A lot of teachers talk about this and I always wonder about this as someone who has taught a lot. Do you, even from a very basic standpoint of someone teaching piano, does that help you as you're songwriting? Does that influence you at all?

Jes Hudak: I do mostly songwriting then. My lessons, it's very rarely voice. Now that I'm not in Staten Island anymore, everything is Skype. It's way easier to write songs on Skype. I do mostly songwriting and stuff but I find, I love co-writing and I love writing with people 'cause it's like a job 'cause there's some days where you're like I'm tired, I got no sleep last night, I have no inspiration.

Jes Hudak: And then I like the challenge of sitting down and writing. My student the other day, she texted me the day before the lesson and was like, "I don't have any ideas for any songs. Do we do the session?" I was like, of course.

Jes Hudak: I was like what's your favorite TV show? She was like, "Friends." I was like, what character do you relate to the most. She was like, "Ross." I was like, tell me about Ross.

Dustin: Ross?

Jes Hudak: We started writing a song from the perspective of Ross. That kind of thing because you run out of things to write about, but you never do 'cause there's a whole world and people are like, I can only write about me and my life and things I've experienced.

Dustin: Do mushrooms.

Jes Hudak: Do mushrooms? [crosstalk 00:36:10] Watch "When Harry Met Sally" and write an album for them. I like teaching because I don't know, I like connecting with people. Sometimes they will be like ugh, and I'm like yeah, but some of my students, I'm the only person who has ever told them that it's okay to wanna do music.

Dave Hudak: You get the freaks too. That's a kinda fun thing.

Jes Hudak: I do.

Dave Hudak: You get the rejects of the popular kids.

Jes Hudak: What's my dad say? I collect strays. My whole life. Have you met my husband? He's the strayest stray.

Dave Hudak: The island of misfit toys.

Jes Hudak: It frustrates me 'cause so many people are only interested in the teeny bopper pop, riffing and I'm like, you can have a career in music and there's a market for people that wanna hear you write songs from your soul and have a different kind of voice and not just wanna have an EDM production.

Jes Hudak: Everything is so electronic and like we were talking about before, yeah, that's prevalent and a thing but it's always gonna cause some other balance to it. People that are like, I still wanna just go listen to someone playing acoustic guitar.

Dave Hudak: Right.

Jes Hudak: In that way, it helps me just because I have to get out of my own thing and teaching is, although sometimes I'm just like maybe I should listen to my own advice and have some ...

Dustin: The thing about teaching is that sometimes you do end up listening to your own advice, just running through the basics and you're like oh shit, I forgot about that basic.

Jes Hudak: Right, it might be like you can ... And I'm like, I'm so exhausted with all of it 'cause I went real hard in my 20s to try to make it and then I was like, I don't wanna do this at all. Not even a little. Ooh, going on tour. Not something I ever wanna do.

Dustin: Isn't it weird how that happens?

Jes Hudak: I would like to sit in my home studio and make funny voices into a microphone. Right, that McDonald's commercial thing I did was so good. Caramel latte, it's like so good! I just wanna do that.

Jeff: You both are pursuing your careers and that brings us to the question we ask every single episode and I wanna ask you both. I have to drink before this. I'm gonna start with you.

Dave Hudak: Yes?

Jeff: Dave, through it all, through starting your path on this career to where you are right now, beautiful family, living in L.A. and still hungry, still going for it. What fuels you to keep doing it?

Dave Hudak: What fuels me to keep going, doing it? Well, money first of all.

Jeff: Of course. That's not a terrible-

Dave Hudak: People will bullshit all day long and they'll just be like, "It's a passion. If I don't do this, I can do anything else in the world." The truth is-

Dustin: Isn't that what you said?

Jes Hudak: Yeah. You're dissing me so hard.

Dave Hudak: Artists say that anyway. Someone lived in New York for a long time.

Jes Hudak: You live with me and see my mental state when I don't get to do it. I literally go insane.

Dave Hudak: Luckily, I had such a mundane job that I could just live a normal life. No, but honestly, what fuels me to do my thing is I don't know, I just wanna be subversive to people sometimes. I don't know.

Dave Hudak: To me, all my life is about a reaction. No matter what it is. You wanna get a reaction, as a comedian anyway. I wasn't even a comedian before. But as just who I was as a person which was a natural comedian I guess, there's an elicit reaction I want.

Dave Hudak: But it's not the same reaction as maybe some comedians want. It's more of the thought of how uncomfortable can I make someone in their space. But yet at the same time, pull them back to still have a fun time.

Jes Hudak: Yeah.

Dave Hudak: That's where I like to be and that's my drive. My drive is like how silly or demented can you make something to still make people who are rational, conservative people be like I have those dark thoughts and yes, those dark thoughts maybe are true or maybe are not true.

Dave Hudak: But that's something that's gone through my mind one time and that's what fuels me. The common core of human beings. That's where the comedy for me ... 'Cause no matter what, how prissy or how I'm super Connecticut nice, we have problems but it's all in the doors and you guys don't know about it.

Dave Hudak: I, on the other hand, I know what's behind your dirty fucking doors. I have seen your curtain. Let's see what it is. Let's throw it out there and if you don't even agree with it at that moment, you're gonna agree with it eventually, 'cause why? The honesty of the drive of the comedy for me is what makes me do this.

Jeff: Awesome.

Dave Hudak: That reaction of hate or love 'cause either way, I don't care 'cause I never had love ... Well, I have love now but parental love.

Jes Hudak: He caught himself. Aw, I know, I know Dave's story.

Dave Hudak: Parental love. Or stuff like that or whatever. It was probably there but it in the fucked up sense everyone just has. You may see it different as your parents or whoever, the world sees it. Again, we're playing the same story, we're all special because we're special but we're not. The core of humanity is humanity.

Jeff: Yeah, no.

Dave Hudak: And it's the fucked upness of humanity that makes us us.

Jeff: I love that.

Dave Hudak: That's my drive. My drive is that fucking punch.

Jeff: I love that. Same question to you. What fuels you to want to keep writing music? To wanna keep teaching, to want to be creative? Where does that fuel come from?

Jes Hudak: Well, a, it's the thing that I'm best at in life and I am a true believer in living in your strengths. It's just if I don't do it, I'll die.

Jeff: I don't think that's terrible though.

Jes Hudak: But that is true. It's just one of those things. I just feel like life, this is the one that you have. I feel like the meaning of life is life and this whole what's the meaning of life? This is life. Life is the meaning of life. Stop thinking about it. It's what it is.

Dave Hudak: You're a random active of kindness, right?

Jes Hudak: What?

Dave Hudak: I don't know, I think human beings having sex is a random act of kindness.

Jes Hudak: It is nice.

Dave Hudak: Unless you're monkey raped.

Jes Hudak: I just really feel like what is the point, call back monkey rape-

Dave Hudak: Shout out.

Jes Hudak: What is the point of life if you're just gonna be miserable? I get it because I know some people who are miserable and they won't do anything about it because they're comfortable in that misery. It's like okay, that makes you happy and that's how you want your life to be. You wanna be miserable because it's easy, cool.

Jes Hudak: I'm not so much like that. I'm lucky enough that I have supportive family. My dad for my whole life has been my number one fan, supporter, anything I need for my music, whether it's carrying my gear.

Jes Hudak: I played first night Saratoga in my teens and he four track recorded the whole thing. [inaudible 00:43:08]

Dave Hudak: John Hudak, the man.

Jes Hudak: John Hudak. That was a fun show at a Kinko's. But it's like, it really is like I don't want to not live in my strength. I also feel very lucky that I'm really good at something. I'm not so insecure to be like I'm okay. I'm fucking great.

Dave Hudak: I'm gonna tell you right now, my wife is the next Sia.

Jeff: Doing what you love and you're passionate about it, 100% you should be like I'm good at this.

Jes Hudak: But the thing is, it's not just ... It makes me mad. I get upset, I cry sometimes because I'm not as successful as I know I should be because I'm so fucking good. Look, I've had one drink and I'm getting a little feisty here but it really is one of those things.

Jes Hudak: I go to these gigs and stuff and I see ... I understand that it's not normal for people to be able to learn stuff as fast as I am. I just have one of those memories like I can memorize stuff really quickly.

Jes Hudak: I can transpose, I can just do some stuff that isn't something the average person can do and I just feel like I have to do that then. I actually have a skill. How fucking lucky am I that I can sing? I'm not tone deaf and that I also have the drive to learn and grow. I'm never so ... I don't need to learn anything.

Jes Hudak: That's why I like teaching and working with young artists because I learn stuff from them and I get inspired from them. But it's really like I owe it to myself to do this with my life and I owe it to my daughter. The battle of being able to work.

Jes Hudak: I have a workspace in my own home and I still have guilt about coming back here and working for hours straight 'cause I'm like, maybe she pooped and I wasn't there to see the consistency of it to know if there's any adjustments we need to make in her diet.

Dave Hudak: It mostly looks like blueberries all the time.

Jes Hudak: It's like play-doh consistency at this point which is exciting because before, it was very messy and now it's a little more succinct.

Jeff: That's a whole other thing that you guys are brand new parents. I mean, Ruby just celebrated one year. This is something that you're going through.

Jes Hudak: I just have that undying need inside of me. I quit all the time like I'm never being an artist again. I will do gigs and sing and write songs and put videos out and singles one, but I'm not doing it anymore.

Jes Hudak: It happens all the time 'cause it's so thankless and so frustrating and you're doing it in a vacuum but I honestly am, there's no reality where I'm not doing this and I just can't. It's just who I am.

Jeff: I think we talk about that a lot on this show and I think that is the core of humanity is that again, if there's something that you love, pursue it. Pursue it with everything you have.

Jes Hudak: Yeah, why not?

Jeff: We all have to work a shitty job in our life and we all have to be miserable sometimes but that doesn't mean that you can't chip away at that and pursue it and both of you have an incredible outlook on life where you're able to be this ...

Jeff: You do. You do because-

Dave Hudak: She has the best one.

Jes Hudak: At times.

Dave Hudak: At times.

Jeff: Look, nobody's perfect but you both have this drive that you wanna be who you know you are.

Jes Hudak: Yes, it is true.

Jeff: And you also want each other to be that and I think that is completely rare that a husband and wife, a family is that supportive of each other's career and want them to do it.

Jes Hudak: Aw!

Dave Hudak: Aw! That's why I chop all the vegetables 'cause I don't want her to cut off her money makers.

Jes Hudak: He's letting up a little bit.

Dustin: Exactly, you nailed it right there.

Dave Hudak: Nailed it right there. You can pontificate all day.

Jes Hudak: That's over now that I discovered that getting to cook dinner means that somebody else has to watch the baby and you get to drink wine in the kitchen. I'm cooking now! I'm chopping those veggies!

Dustin: If our listeners want to follow your story, your journey, your social media-

Jeff: Your website. Where's the best way to follow each of you?

Jes Hudak: I would say your Instagram.

Dave Hudak: My Instagram is the only one.

Jes Hudak: And Twitter. Dave's Twitter jokes.

Dave Hudak: My Twitter jokes are I don't know. You know how they say comedy's all about timing and guess what I don't have is timing.

Jes Hudak: If you like offensive jokes.

Dave Hudak: If someone dies, I might write a first joke because guess what? It's common.

Jes Hudak: He's like ...

Dave Hudak: We're all gonna die. I know how you feel when someone famous dies, it makes you feel like your own mortality but the truth is, hey, you're gonna die anyway. I have fun with it.

Jes Hudak: He's like, cool, they died. Flint still doesn't have clean drinking water.

Dave Hudak: I had comedians not follow me when David Bowie died 'cause the moment I heard he died, the first joke I ever said was ... 'Cause you know, back in the day when David Bowie died before he died, they had a website you could look up, where was your life when David Bowie was your age.

Dave Hudak: You just type in your thing and it's like David Bowie made 8,000 platinum records at 25. He did Stevie Ray Vaughn's Double Trouble something at 18. But, at least I know now 'cause my first joke, my joke was like, "Well, I can type my name in when I'm 60 and I'm not dead like David Bowie." It's just honest.

Dave Hudak: I win, I'm finally better than David Bowie at 60 because I'm alive and he's dead. It's kinda true 'cause I got to live a little longer.

Jeff: By the way, that's @unfunniestcomic if nobody caught that. [crosstalk 00:48:51]

Jes Hudak: On Twitter and Instagram, @unfunniestcomic.

Dave Hudak: But you know, people get sensitive about that shit.

Jeff: Well, whatever. Core of humanity.

Jes Hudak: Some of his jokes, I don't favorite.

Dave Hudak: No, of course not.

Jes Hudak: I favorite the ones that I think are funny and the ones that I think are not ... My dad's like, "Some of his comedy is ... Tasteless."

Dave Hudak: Yes.

Jes Hudak: I'm like dad, yeah, I don't think maybe ...

Jeff: We're okay. [crosstalk 00:49:18]

Dustin: We're done, that's the hour mark.

Jeff: For you Jes, where's the best place for people to follow you?

Jes Hudak: I guess yeah, Instagram's cool. @jeshudak, J-E-S H-U-D-A-K.

Jeff: I'll put it right here.

Jes Hudak: Jes with one s. It's cool. I was eight when I decided that, don't argue with me. Argue with eight year old me. That girl was very strong headed. Yeah, I guess that's the thing. It's just one of those things where it's like, I don't know what I'm trying to promote or anything.

Jes Hudak: But I'm engaging and stuff on @jeshudak, but I have some other projects that I'm really proud of that are more cool.

Dustin: So?

Jes Hudak: My passion project, I produce it, I write it and I got this rapper from New Orleans to put in the verses and it's called Neon Void. You can look us up, Neon Void music. We have three singles out.

Jes Hudak: But it is like I produced all the tracks in my closet at my dad's house when I moved back home and got back in touch with myself and it's the one thing-

Dave Hudak: Found a husband.

Jes Hudak: Being an artist, you always have to get feedback and be so open to criticism and things. Neon Void is my one thing that I'm like, I made this in my closet, I make it sound the way I want, and you can listen to it if you like.

Dave Hudak: It's good shit.

Jes Hudak: I think it's good.

Dave Hudak: I like it.

Jes Hudak: It's music I would listen to. It's the first kind of music I made myself that I would actually listen to because I'm not into piano playing singer songwriter music which is why I did it for so long. Thank you!

Jes Hudak: But I much prefer that kinda thing so check us out. I don't really post that much as Neon Void but you can listen to the songs on Itunes and Spotify every day.

Jeff: Yeah.

Jes Hudak: I have so many things going on. It's too many things.

Jeff: That's good.

Jes Hudak: I'm also known as Pony Mane. Pony Mane music and I will actually be doing that as an artist because I've killed off the Jes Hudak artist. She is just a voiceover artist, [inaudible 00:51:26] myself in the third person. I'm so fancy. That's my songwriter, voice over artist kind of person and then Pony Mane is the artist where I do whatever I want and I don't wear any fucking pants.

Dustin: No pants.

Jes Hudak: And I make a beat on stage, I loop it, I do a million vocals and I see mega pop smash songs with no pants on.

Dustin: Perfect.

Jes Hudak: If you like it, you like it and if you don't, probably because you haven't seen it because I don't play shows.

Dave Hudak: Low cut shirts and everything, man. One day, she went out as Pony Mane, I was like hey, you gotta take that shirt a little lower. Show the goods.

Jes Hudak: I'm gonna wear my Death Wish Coffee t-shirt as a dress with no pants.

Jeff: Perfect.

Jes Hudak: For one of my Pony Mane-

Jeff: We will promote the hell out of that.

Jes Hudak: Shows that I do eventually in 2025.

Dustin: 2025.

Jeff: I can't thank you guys enough for talking with us on the show.

Jes Hudak: Thank you for even [crosstalk 00:52:21] talk to us.

Dave Hudak: Thank you for letting me pontificate about nothing.

Dustin: That's what podcasts are for, right?

Jes Hudak: Thanks for waiting 'til the baby was asleep.

Dave Hudak: I know, yeah.

Jeff: Excellent.

Dave Hudak: She's gonna wake up.

Jeff: Cheers, guys.

Jes Hudak: Cheers!

Dustin: Cheers, everyone! So happy.