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Episode 20:Master Yourself - Lacie Mackey and Tait Fletcher - Caveman Coffee

Co-founders of Caveman Coffee Lacie Mackey and Tait Fletcher join us on Fueled By Death Cast this week. They discuss everything from Tait’s amazing career as a stunt man in films like Thor and Jurassic Park to Lacie’s life as a Hollywood fitness trainer.

Episode 19: Live on Stage - Kevin Bartini - NYC Podfest

Check out the first ever live recording of Fueled by Death Cast, where the hosts sit down with comedian Kevin Bartini at New York City Podfest. They talk about his career in comedy on shows like The Daily Show and how he spearheaded the campaign to rename a street in NYC in honor of George Carlin.



Episode 18: Part Of The Crew - Nicole Stott

This week, Fueled by Death Cast gets a space lift (we couldn’t resist) when NASA astronaut Nicole Stott joins the hosts. They discuss everything from what it’s like to get off this planet, to all of the new advances happening with the space program and her new Space Suit Art Project.


Episode 17: Fuel Your Passion - Mike Brown 

On this week's Fueled by Death Cast, Death Wish Coffee owner and founder Mike Brown addresses the many competitors on the market.

Episode 16: Everything Is Connected - Steve Orlando

Acclaimed DC comic writer, Steve Orlando joins the hosts on this week’s Fueled by Death Cast. Known for his work on Midnighter, the Apollo series, Supergirl and Justice League of America, Steve has taken the industry by storm one epically written character at a time. Subscribe to hear more about his journey into the crazy world of comics plus hear about his newest book hitting shelves this April.


Episode 15: Make Soldiers into Kings - Matt Secor

This week on Fueled by Death Cast the hosts talk to Matt Secor, up and coming MMA fighter about his first ever professional fight since the sport was legalized in New York. Then, they discuss all of the events and giveaways coming up with Death Wish.



Episode 14: Know Who You Are - Joey Castillo

This week the hosts talk to Joey Castillo, the former drummer of Wasted Youth, Danzig, Queens of the Stone Age, and Eagles of Death Metal about his incredible career in rock music.


Episode 13: Do What You Love - Rob Fenn

Rob Fenn, photographer for Rob Zombie and more discusses his career in rock music, his record label and what’s next for him in movie business. Then, the hosts discuss the upcoming mug releases (and no, it’s not just St. Paddy’s day).

Episode 12: It's in the Blood - Max Oswald

This week on Fueled By Death Cast the hosts talk to Max Oswald, owner of Olde Saratoga Brewing Co., about his successful career brewing beer—collaborating with Death Wish and what it was like to make our Nitro Brew. Then, they give some inside info about the much anticipated St. Paddy’s Day mugs.

Episode 11: Appreciate The Journey - Teah Teriele

This week on Fueled by Death Cast, the hosts welcome Teah Teriele, Death Wish’s longtime Marketing Manager. She spends the whole hour with the guys discussing new mugs, today’s deal and more.


Episode 10: Something Fun - Ming Chen

This week on Fueled by Death Cast, AMC's Comic Book Men and podcasting star Ming Chen joins the hosts in our warehouse in upstate, New York. Then, they discuss everything that happened with the highly anticipated Death Wish Nitro release.


Groundhog's Day Spectacular 

In this special mini episode of Fueled by Death Cast, the hosts take you to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania where we find out if the world’s most famous groundhog saw his shadow. They also interview some of the amazing people who keep this American tradition alive.

Episode 9: No Turning Back - Todd Dewey

This week on Fueled by Death Cast, the hosts talk to Todd Dewey of Ice Road Truckers and Ax Men about his near death experiences, life on the road and what it’s like to be on reality TV. Then, they reveal HUGE news about upcoming merch from DWC.


Episode 8: Brand New Adventure - Caid Tuller

This week on Fueled by Death Cast, the hosts talk to our amazing customer service trainer, Caid Tuller, about how working for Death Wish has affected his everyday life. Plus, listen for the DMAN update to hear the untold story of our newest Deneen Pottery mug. 


Episode 7: Death In A Sidecar - EJ Snyder 

This week on Fueled by Death Cast the hosts chat with three-time Naked & Afraid winner, EJ Snyder about being a survivalist, his reality television career and what keeps him going. Then, they discuss this week’s Kleen Kanteen re-release and new design. 

Episode 6: Distilled Wisdom - Rick Sicari

This week on the Fueled by Death Cast, the hosts talk to Rick Sicari, owner of Albany Distillery and creator of Death Wish Vodka about how he found his calling. Plus, the guys discuss three extremely exciting releases coming from Death Wish this month.


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Episode 5: Find Your Voice - Brock Powell

This week the hosts are kicking off 2017 with the Kool Aid man, also known as voice actor Brock Powell. Brock discusses everything from how he made it in the industry to setting life goals and what’s next. Then, they discuss the brand new 2017 mug on Amazon, and give away an amazing gift from Planetary Design.


Episode 4: The Right Fit - Blasko

This week on the Fueled by Death Cast, the hosts discuss the new Valhalla Java mug release and talk to the man that made it happen, Blasko, Ozzy Osbourne’s bassist and Zakk Wylde’s manager. Plus, they discover a strange phenomenon in the amount of seconds there will be in 2017.


Episode 3: Origin Story - Ron Marz

This week, the Fueled by Death Cast hosts sit down with Green Lantern comic creator Ron Marz, to discuss his career and the origins of the ODINFORCE comic book. Plus they reveal the winner of last week’s coffee scoop giveaway and an exclusive discount code on one of our most sought after products.


Episode 2: Seize the Opportunity - Eric Donovan

This week, the hosts discuss new science breakthroughs regarding the relationship with caffeine and traumatic brain injuries, and D-Man rattles off information about upcoming merch. Later, they sit with Eric, long-time Death Wish Coffee employee. 

Eric tells the untold story of the true beginnings of Death Wish Coffee, and all the trials and tribulations it took to get to the point the company is at now.


Episode 1: In It To Win It - Eddie Fyvie 

On our first episode of Fueled by Death Cast, Jeff and Dustin introduce themselves as our hosts. They talk about the 2016 Holiday season, discuss a science breakthrough, and tease Death Wish merch releases. Later, Eddie Fyvie, experienced mixed martial artist, breaks the news on a revolutionary new tournament he is planning for 2017! Listen below for more.