How much stronger is Death Wish Coffee versus other coffee?

Death Wish Coffee, on average, has double the strength of your average cup of coffee. As a blend that offers high caffeine content and an unparalleled flavor profile, Death Wish Coffee's recommended brewing ratio is 2.5 tablespoons of grinds per every 6 ounces of water. This recommended ratio is designed to ensure the kick of caffeine without compromising the overall taste.

How many calories are in Death Wish Coffee? What are other nutrition facts?

There are zero calories in Death Wish Coffee. Because both of our Death Wish and Valhalla blends are USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade with no additives or ingredients beyond the organic coffee beans, our blend has only about 1 calorie per cup, no carbs, protein, or fiber.

What’s the difference between Death Wish Coffee and Valhalla Java?

The biggest difference between our original Death Wish blend and the Valhalla Java, our blend created with world-renowned guitarist Zakk Wylde, is the overall strength. Death Wish Coffee has higher caffeine content across the board, and it's actually the darker roast of the two blends.

Death Wish Coffee uses both Arabica and Robusta beans, sourced from mainly, India and Peru. Valhalla Java uses a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans sourced from Honduras, Guatemala, Sumatra, Peru, and India.

Coffee With High Caffeine that People Love

With some of the highest caffeine content you can find, people love Death Wish, the world’s strongest coffee. Show your love on Instagram and be sure to tag us with #DEATHWISHCOFFEE