Death Wish Coffee and the Super Bowl

Death Wish Coffee and the Super Bowl

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Our Super Bowl Story

Back in 2015, Death Wish Coffee dreamed of having a commercial in the Big Game. So we decided to enter the Intuit Quickbooks Small Business Big Game Competition, with the winner getting a commercial aired during historic Super Bowl 50. Little did we know that one decision would change the course of this company forever.

The odds seemed insurmountable, as we were up against 15,000 other small businesses around the country. The power of our Death Wish Coffee community was even greater than we could imagine, and thanks to all of the unending votes from our fans, we soon found out we were one of the ten companies in the running for the grand prize. Then our founder, Mike Brown, was flown out to San Jose, California, where Death Wish Coffee was announced as one of the top three businesses still in the running. One of us would win the grand prize of having a commercial created and aired during the big game. We waited to hear who would be crowned the winner, until a call came from Intuit Quickbooks to let us know they wanted to come to Death Wish Coffee to present us with the runner-up spot.

We were beyond excited to have made it that farbut a little bummed we didn't win the whole thing. But that turned out to be just a little trick the people at Intuit Quickbooks played on us. They really wanted to surprise Mike Brown on camera and tell us we had actually won! They filmed that exact moment, and you can see the genuine surprise and delight on all of our faces when they revealed their secret.

Then came the task of creating and producing the commercial. An award-winning creative team sat down with Mike Brown to come up with the perfect idea and then get to work making it a reality. 


On the day of the Big Game we all watched the commercial as it reached millions of viewers, and Death Wish Coffee was never the same.

We couldn't have done that without people like YOUour passionate, caring community. Some of you have been with us since the days when we were packing coffee in the basement of a coffee shop, and some of you have been with us since seeing this epic commercial on your TV during Super Bowl 50. Whenever you found us, we will never be able to express how much your ongoing support of Death Wish Coffee means to us, and how you fuel us to continue to do all the things we love.


So brew another cup and get ready for this year's Big Game, along with hopefully some cool and entertaining commercials, but maybe none as amazing as ours from a few years ago.

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