Middle school student uses our coffee in science fair project

Middle school student uses our coffee in science fair project

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Using coffee to study increases in heart rate

Kailee Austin's dad has been drinking Death Wish Coffee for three-and-a-half years, so when it came time to think of a science fair experiment, she knew exactly what to do. 

Kailee is a student at LSE Middle School in Boonville, Missouri. Her father is also a teacher at the middle school, so she got to use him in her experiment. She wanted to test how heart rate is affected by different coffee brands.

Her hypothesis? "If I drink Death Wish Coffee then my heart rate will be higher than when I drink other brands of coffee."

We interviewed her and her teacher, Laurie Palmer, on this week's Science segment of Fueled by Death Show. Kailee explained that she wanted to see how coffee affected other people by measuring their heart rate right after, 30 minutes after, and 45 minutes after consuming different brands of coffee. Kailee used Dunkin coffee, Folger's, Barissimo Seasonal Blend White Chocolate, and, of course, Death Wish Coffee. 

The winner? Death Wish Coffee, of course. And the experiment even earned her a silver medal at the science far!  

Learn more about Kailee's experiment below during her interview. Thanks for using us in your experiment! 

[Photo Courtesy of the Austin Family]