Study: Drinking coffee can help prevent gallstones

Study: Drinking coffee can help prevent gallstones

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Coffee can lower risk of gallstones, according to study

Got gallstones? Keep filling up the cup, as drinking more coffee might help to reduce the risk of developing them at all.


Newsweek recently reported that a new study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine says that consuming more than six cups of the drink per day was linked to a 23% lower risk of developing symptomatic gallstone disease (GSD), whereas drinking one cup a day would cut the risk by 3%.

This tiny organ helps aid in digestion and can cause a lot of pain for the 25 million Americans who suffers from GSD.

“Coffee could be the one tool to prevent the painful condition,” the authors of the study said.  This is good news for coffee lovers, as surgery is often needed.

The study also showed that people who have certain genetic variants had a lower possibility of developing gallstones when they increase their coffee intake. Drinking caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea with at least 400mg of caffeine each day reduces the risk of gallstone-related illness. The greater the caffeine, the lower the risk.

You read that right — up the intake to reduce the risk. Do not let people tell you that coffee is not good for you.

We love you, coffee, we do. No one is breaking up this relationship.