From vests to shower curtains, here's where you should put your patches

From vests to shower curtains, here's where you should put your patches

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The best places to put your Death Wish patches

Brothers and Sisters whom are the seekers of darkness, gather while we share the lore of the battle vest, for your rite of passage is now among you.

The biker culture in the 60s resulted inclothing item that has been referred to by many names: kutte, kutten, cut-off, battle-vest, patch vest, patch jacket, etc. This article of thread was later adopted by the punk and metal head communities and proudly displayed badges of rebellion since its inception.

Vests can be made from denim or leather but are predominantly decorated in patches, and are worn by men and women alike.

Black Metal ist krieg, but who said sewing can’t be modish, too? There isn’t anything much more metal than forging your own battle vest by hand. Down With This Sorf of Thing teaches metalheads, moms and nanas who need a lesson in how to tack their own patches onto a battle vest in this video.

There is no shaming going on in this community over the talents that can be displayed from using a needle, thread, scissors, and a patch collection and applying them tailored to your specific look. Rock that vest, friend, you’ve earned it. 

Death Wish Coffee Grin and Bear It Patch.

On a side note, patches don’t have to exclusively confined to being applied only to clothing, either. There are no rules here, so don’t try to conform to any. Let that creative side loose now and then. You might be surprised at what you come up with.  

What about other uses for Death Wish patches? Nothing worse than collecting them and leaving them locked away in a Ziplock bag for safe keeping. Put these collectibles to use and display these majestic items how you want. Here are a few creative ideas to “patch out proud”:

  1. Shower curtain – Grab a fabric curtain and get to work.
  2. Vinyl display mounts – You don’t have to be a veteran or scout to display accomplishments.
  3. Quilt – With a little batting backing, the layout and design possibilities are endless here.
  4. Drink coasters – Keep some handy to drink up cup sweat.
  5. Kitchen wall/column – Welcome to your Death Wish themed kitchen. May I get you a mug?
  6. Garden glove – Attach the patch to show your commitment to loving life outdoors. Remember to reuse those coffee grounds, too.

Patches make great conversation starters, no matter where they are applied or how they are used. What creative ways have you come up with to use your Death Wish patches? Tell us how you've rocked them!