Bill Burr talks about creating F is for Family on Fueled by Death Cast

Bill Burr talks about creating F is for Family on Fueled by Death Cast

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Bill Burr on Creating "F Is for Family"

Bill Burr joined our podcast this week to talk about the new season of "F is for Family" on Netflix—just in time for its season 3 premiere in 2018. On the podcast, Bill talks about how the show got its start and what it's like to write and record on the show. 

"It started off when I was a young comic. I would tell family stories on stage, and everyone would laugh and no one questioned anything. They were just considered family stories. Then when I became a middle-aged and now old comic, everything got labeled as domestic abuse, mental abuse, bullying. I don't know. ... So I just stopped telling them," Bill said. "I was just going, 'There's got to be a way to do it.' One day I was walking my dog, and it just hit me. I go, 'Well, why don't I just animate it?'"

"F is for Family" follows the story of the Murphy family during the 1970s. Bill voices the character of Frank Murphy, who's described as a short-tempered veteran. He lives with his wife, Sue (voiced by Laura Dern) and their three children.

Executive producers for the show include Bill Burr, Vince Vaughn, Peter Billingsley, Michael Price, Sidonie Dumas and Christophe Riandee.

Watch the video below to learn more about "F is for Family" came to be and listen to his full interview with us here.