Here’s why the art on your mug faces you

Here’s why the art on your mug faces you

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Why does the logo on my mug always face me?

The mug you’re sipping out of says just as much about you as the coffee you’re drinking from it does. Is it a short, wide mug? Is it tall and slim? Is it clear or solid? It doesn’t really matter. As long as you’re drinking coffee from it, you have nothing to worry about. But did you ever wonder about the logic behind where the logo is placed on a mug? Here’s the scoop.

Coffee is a lifestyle. It has become a morning and evening ritual for the majority of the world. It all starts with the brewing process, which in itself is relaxing. You didn’t spend all this money on a unique, good quality ceramic mug so that others could look at the artwork you love, did you? Let’s continue this euphoric experience with artwork you admire by putting it on the side of the mug facing you, so you can enjoy it, too. This, of course, is based on a right-handed individual. In some cases, businesses choose to place the logo on the outside as a form of advertising, but we want you to enjoy your Death Wish Coffee mugs as much as possible.

Picture this: You wake up when your body allows you to. You stroll to the kitchen to start your day by heating up some water and grinding your fresh aromatic beans. That aroma, thoughI just can’t get enough of it. By the time your water has heated up, you’ve already poured your grounds into the Chemex filter, ready for the pour. You’re ready for the pour, now get ready for the bloom.

If you’ve experienced the Chemex, you’ll know what I mean when I say there is something beyond satisfying about watching the coffee bloom as you decant the hot water slowly over the fresh, medium-coarse grounds. If you haven’t used a Chemex, maybe it’s time to try one. Now the liquid is slowly turning from fresh, filtered water into a crisp, lively, dark nectar with subtle hints of cherry and dark chocolate. Some call it coffeeI call it liquid gold. And now, the mug.

In the end, the mug brings it all together. It holds your heavenly sips, locks up your beloved caffeine kick so that no one else can get to it but you, and some even imprison the heat! There’s no better way to reward yourself than to keep that artwork near and dear, and, of course, your java. Mugs up!