3 Weird Things People Put In Their Coffee

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The beauty of a rich, perfect cup of coffee lies within the complexity of the brewing process. If you’re a true java lover, you take pride in the flavor notes that come through a pitch-black filled mug fresh poured straight out of the Chemex. Unfortunately, a lot of people like to add copious amounts of cream and sugar, therefore masking the taste of the actual blend and resulting in a shorter lifespan. That’s right, if your daily order includes the words ‘extra light and extra sweet’, you might as well just order a heart attack and call it a life.

In short, you have your true coffee lovers, your sugar lovers with a splash of coffee, and then, there are those who put things in their coffee that you wouldn’t even dream of adding. Take a look at three things some people add to their daily caffeine intake, and you might think twice before ordering that sugar overload, ever again.


  1. Grass-fed Butter
    I know, I know. When I think of butter, I think of slathering it all over a big ol’ piece of banana bread or an overly filling bagel. But butter in your coffee is actually up and becoming and has many benefits to it. Some of these include improved work performance, higher, prolonged energy levels and weight loss. 


  1. Cardamom
    Anything that starts with ‘card’ sounds like something I don’t want to be a part of. For example, cardio. But I’m telling you if you are someone who gets the jitters from too much caffeine, this Middle Eastern spice actually neutralizes the effects of caffeine on the body. This miracle spice has been known to lift spirits, reduce pain and induce a calm state of mind while helping stimulate your appetite and settle your stomach. Go ahead, add a pinch and drink all the coffee you want. You’re welcome.

  2. Oatmeal
    Who has time for a morning routine they can actually stick to these days? I, for one, am too busy hitting my snooze until I have just about enough time to get ready before I’m going to be late. Anything that can cut time, I’m into it. Adding raw oatmeal to your cup of coffee until it is thoroughly cooked through, is one less set of dishes on your plate. Add cinnamon, honey, or sugar for extra flavor and sweetness. Fewer dishes? I dig it already.


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