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Here's how long you should store cold brew in your fridge

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Does iced coffee or cold brew go bad? 

Temperatures are rising, pools are open, and it's time to break out the cold brew. When you make it at home, it's best to make bigger batches. After all, you don't use your coffee maker to just make one cup of coffee, right? 

Cold brew is made by steeping coffee in fresh, filtered water (40 degrees or under) for at least 24 hours in the fridge. After 24 hours, you filter it outand with a snap of your fingers, you have cold brew.

So now you have a pitcher of cold brew. Chances are, you won't drink that in one setting—unless you do, in which case, I won't blame you. Cold brew is delicious. 

But if you don't drink it all, how long do you have until it goes bad? Does cold brew go bad? 

The answer: We recommend only keeping your cold brew for up to a week. The general consensus is to consume it within a week so you get the best taste—no matter if it's bottled or in a pitcher. 

After that week is up, it'll be stale and you won't want to drink it anyways. So after a week, throw it out (rest in peace). With how good it is, though, it won't last that long anyway.

The most important tip: Do NOT store it at room temperatureit's got to stay refrigerated, people. For even better results, keep your pitcher covered. 

Also make sure to make your cold brew with fresh coffee grounds—grounds don't necessarily go bad, but it's best to drink it within a few weeks. Coffee grounds stay fresher longer than brewed coffee.

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