Espresso Your Dark Side: Meet Espresso Roast

Espresso Your Dark Side: Meet Espresso Roast

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Welcome to the Abyss, It’s Delicious.

Our new, everyday coffee is here—introducing Espresso Roast. Exorcise the demons of blah beans and boring routines by sipping on the next dimension of darkness. Spawned specifically for deep notes of cocoa, caramelized sugar and cherries, this blend is deadpan perfect for intense cups of coffee and espresso drinks. Abandon barista banter and café lines for a brew of otherworldly strength, brimming with espresso-like texture and depth. 

Intensely Strong Coffee—Now in Espresso Roast.

Espresso Roast is here to stay! Yes, you read that right—Espresso Roast will become one of our everyday items. That means it’ll be here to help fuel those long days and nights year-round. You’re welcome, world.

What Is It?

Death Wish Coffee Espresso Roast is our darkest coffee yet. A blend of high quality arabica and robusta, Espresso Roast contains our cult-classic caffeine content. Available in whole bean, ground and single-serve coffee pods, this roast has your back no matter how you like to brew. Make Espresso Roast your way with a Chemex, French Press or even grind it the way you need and pop it into your espresso machine.

What Is Espresso?

Espresso can be traced back to Italy in the late 1800s. The word “espresso” means “to express” or “to press out,” referring to the historical way to make espresso coffee. Traditionally, espresso is characterized by the way a cup is made, forcing hot water through finely ground and closely packed coffee grounds. This process brings out the strong flavor that many of us know as espresso. More recently, espresso has made a slight shift. Espresso is now commonly characterized as a very dark roast of coffee with a strong, rich flavor and a high caffeine content made any way (not just with a fancy machine). Don’t be afraid to espresso yourself and brew your way!

Espresso Roast Details:

  • Roast shade: Dark
  • Bag size: 14 ounces
  • Box size: 10-count
  • Beans: Fair Trade arabica and robusta
  • Tasting notes: Rich, intense and smooth, with notes of caramelized sugar, cocoa and black cherry. Bold finish.

Where Can I Get It? You can find it on our website, as well as in retailers nationwide. Our Espresso Roast is also available on Amazon.

Is It Available for Subscription? Espresso Roast is available for coffee subscriptions. Learn more about our subscription program here.

Fair Trade and Organic: We source only high-quality Fair Trade Certified robusta and arabica beans and organic ingredients.

Healthy AF: No fat, no artificial sugars, just strong a** espressotake a walk on the dark side.

Allergens? Gluten, Nut, etc.? Our coffees are free of any nut or gluten allergens and are produced in facilities that are nut and gluten free as well.

If you ask us, Espresso Roast is worth a shot—especially when it tastes this good.

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