Death Wish Colombian Coffee with flavor notes of almond and plum.

Colombia and Coffee—The Perfect Pair

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Everybody has heard of Colombia—and Colombian coffee. That makes sense, as coffee is Colombia’s third biggest export (only behind Brazil and Vietnam). You can’t talk about the culture of Colombia and its people—without coffee being at the forefront of the conversation. It’s serious business.  

What makes Colombian coffee the best in the world? It’s quite simple. For one, you’ll see many coffee farms (fincas) that also offer coffee tours. You’ll also find tons of opportunities to take classes all focused on the study of coffee. But it isn’t just about the coffee.  

Most importantly, Colombians love to drink and prepare their tintos (black coffee) because it’s a shared cultural experience for them—an integral part of every and all social situations.

The type of coffee, geography of the region, farming practices and the Colombian coffee culture in general determine you have a perfect cup every time—and that’s why Colombia has become synonymous with coffee.

The Type of Coffee: Arabica and Colombian Coffee 

All coffee is NOT Colombian coffee.

Although “arabica coffee” and “Colombian coffee” are terms used interchangeably almost everywhere, there are some key differences between the two. Arabica coffee beans come from the Coffea arabica tree species that grows in many different coffee-producing countries—like Peru, for other Death Wish Coffee blends, as well as Brazil, Guatemala and other places with high altitudes. But Colombian arabica beans are only from Colombia—100% of the beansare arabica.

How does that equate to the best Colombian coffee? Arabica is viewed as the higher-grade bean because it offers a sweeter and lighter taste, with strong acidic notes and less caffeine (compared to robusta). The bottom line? Arabica beans are best for roasting and brewing (compared to robusta or other varieties) because the result is a richer, tastier cup of coffee.

Colombian Arabica Coffee Beans and Grounds.[Image Credit: Juan Nino via Unsplash]

The Ideal Geography and Climate

In addition to the superior arabica beans, a cup of Colombian coffee relies on the perfect combination of geography and climate. That’s because arabica beans are super-sensitive and demand just the right conditions to grow (much more than robusta, by the way). Colombia provides the perfect conditions for the arabica plant that allows the country to produce coffee all year round. It’s mountainous and tropical, with the ideal amount of sunlight. The region also measures at least 80 inches of rainfall each year and temperatures that never fall below freezing, so the soil stays perfect for growing healthy coffee berries and high-quality coffee beans rich in flavor.

The terrain and climate of Colombia creates the perfect coffee bean.

[Image Credit: Jan Kronies via Unsplash]

Good Farm Practices

Perfect coffee is not made by geography and climate alone—farming practices are another key to Colombian coffee success. Growing coffee requires a wide range of processes and variables, such as harvesting, drying, soil management and plant pruning.

Coffee beans are best cultivated on steep slopes full of banana plants and trees. The trees offer optimal shading from the hot, tropical sun in the region. The beans ALL get hand-picked with expertise and care—yes, you heard that right—every bean. Compared to human hands, machines can’t decipher between unripe, green, and/or overripe beans—ultimately, only human hands can determine the perfect coffee cherry, which ensures that only the best coffee berries are collected and used for high-quality Colombian coffee.

Colombia has been investing in coffee production through research and development for quite some time now. Not only do these practices ensure Colombian coffee is of the utmost quality, but it also impacts Colombia’s reputation in the coffee industry.

A look at the process of harvesting coffee by hand to ensure quality.[Image Credit: Rodrigo Flores via Unsplash]

An Unparalleled Colombian Coffee Culture

Although no one can argue that the growing region and climate, along with farming practices are all critical aspects that make Colombia the perfect coffee-producing region, the coffee culture that can be found in Colombia does even more to inspire the world’s best coffee. Some say that’s even a contributing factor to Colombia’s reputation for being one of the happiest countries in the world—drinking coffee makes happy people. We totally agree.

For Colombians, coffee creates a social experience—opportunities to meet up with friends and spend time with family. At work, coffee is the focus of breaks and meetings. You can even see the social nature of coffee among the elderly as they chat the hours away over their cups of black coffee. Simply put, coffee is meant to be enjoyed; it’s not just a means to an end to get through a hectic day. Coffee is the elixir of social life for Colombians and makes it an important key to their happiness.

One other aspect of the Colombian culture springs from the Juan Valdez campaign, which was responsible for launching a brand—the coffee farmer and his mule, representing respect, tenacity, compromise and good-quality produce. For over 45 years, the campaign has defined the nation and made Colombian coffee popular and successful among U.S. consumers. It was such a powerful marketing campaign for Colombia that it not only helped promote the interests of Colombian coffee growers but also helped launch a successful café chain that has even spanned to 320 locations worldwide.

Black coffee, better known in Colombia as Tinto.[Image Credit: Jeff Vanderspank via Unsplash]

Death Wish Coffee’s Colombian Blend

If you’re looking to enjoy the aroma, quality and flavor of the most superior coffee in the world, Colombian coffee is for you. For Death Wish Coffee roasters, the geography, climate, farming practices and passionate Colombian locals who love great, high-quality coffee—along with robusta beans that add an extra kick of caffeine to all DWC blends—make Colombian coffee a highly drinkable option of epic quality for coffee fanatics everywhere.

So now you can elevate your daily cup and reach peak performance with our kicked-up Colombian blend, made with smooth arabica beans from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains of Colombia and naturally high-caffeine Indian robusta beans. From morning routines to afternoon pick-me-ups, this bold brew always has your back, with double the strength and notes of toasted almonds and ripe plums.

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