Valhalla Java Tankard- 2018


The nutrient soils of South America and Indonesia have brought upon us coffee so flavorful, it is said to be fit for Odin himself. Valhalla Java, roasted by our masterful Death Wish Coffee roasters, has been said to bring back those from the nights they thought they'd never wake up fromso we decided to create a mug that embodies such a coffee.

Crafted by our friends at Deneen Pottery, each mug is hand thrown and glazed individually by the US-based stoneware mug company. This black and red mug features the  

  • Make this a year to remember with this 2018 edition keepsake 
  • Individually handmade 
  • 100% oven safe
  • 16+ ounces
  • Made in the USA

*Limited quantity currently in stock, however, these mugs will be available all year.*

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